Wedding Rumors too Unbelievable to be True, Even for Hollywood

Despite the public lip service, almost everyone likes a juicy celebrity wedding rumor. The glitz and glamour secretly appeals to the bride inside, as we devour engagement ring announcements, ceremony details, and reception pictures. But there are a couple recent rumors that are just too outrageous to believe, even for the most die-hard wedding fans.

Destination wedding for a nuptial veteran: Britney Spear and Jason Trawick
There aren’t many days that go by when Britney Spears doesn’t make the news somehow, and this past summer, rumors of a third wedding began to crop up. The formerly troubled pop star should be used to the wedding rumors by now, not all of which have been completely unfounded since she has walked the aisle twice before.

However, when Spears was spotted visiting a chapel in Hawaii with her former manager and current boyfriend Jason Trawick, speculation began that the pair was scoping out a ceremony site. The trip to the chapel was eventually chalked up to a bit of sightseeing; however wedding rumors escalated when OK Magazine reported that she was planning a double wedding with her sister Jamie Lynne Spears. Things apparently went far enough for Spear, who took to her official website to vehemently shoot down the rumors. The couple remains together but tight-lipped.

The hard partying Supermodel finally settles down: Kate Moss and Jamie Hince
Rumors have run rampant over this past weekend when news broke that British model Kate Moss and Old Kills guitarist Jamie Hince had secretly exchanged wedding rings this past August. Although it is true that the couple, who have been romantically involved since 2007, announced their engagement in January of 2009, no date had officially been set. This is the second time news of their engagement has surfaced, the first being in 2008 when British tabloids reported the two had become engaged in Amsterdam.

However, a very detailed rumor began to surface that a barefoot Moss exchanged vows with Hince in Sicily over the summer in an outdoor ceremony where a small group of family and friends danced under the trees. Gossip blogs went crazy over the weekend with speculation on the information, forcing a representative for Moss to shoot down the rumors. It is hard to believe that Moss, a celebrity so sought after that she recently, inadvertently caused a an over-the-top photo frenzy that bordered on scary for simply arriving at the airport, could actually get married three months ago and keep it a secret.

‘Dark’ wedding for a tortured teenage love: Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson
Despite the fact that the bride would not be old enough to drink at her own wedding, and that these two have yet to confirm the existence of a romantic relationship, these two Twilight costars are reportedly set to wed in December. An unnamed source has claimed that Pattison and Stewart are ready to cement their commitment to one another in a winter ceremony in New Orleans. The same source has claimed that due to Stewart’s dark nature, she would like to married by a Voodoo Priestess.

Rather than bother with rings, the couple is said to be planning on matching anchor tattoos to symbolize that they will be each other’s anchor in the storm of media attention. While this rumor is so ridiculous that you almost want to it to be true, the only believable part of this story is that the couple wants to keep the details a secret. Neither of their representation have deigned to deny this rumor, probably because too outrageous to waste time on.

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