First Couple to Exchange Wedding Rings in NYC’s Time Square

Hard to believe that it hasn’t happened before, but, an online source for wedding planning and preparation advice, has announced the winners of their ‘Get Married in Time Square’ contest, where the winners will get married during the most watched New Year’s Eve celebration in the world.

Bethany Philips and Geoffrey Dubie will be the first couple ever to exchange wedding rings in Time Square during NYC’s busiest night of the year. The pair competed against about 1,900 other couples for the honor of being the Time Square bride and groom, and was announced as the winners on the morning of October 19.

The contest was opened to the public on September 13th until the 1st of October, at which time three couples were chosen as finalist. The winning couple currently resides in Jacksonville, Florida, but originally met by chance while they were serving in Iraq for the U.S. Marine Corps.

Although the two conducted a long distance relationship from there on out, Dubie presented Philips with an engagement ring in the Bahamas, and the two moved to Florida to begin a new life together.

While Time Square on New Year’s Eve may seem a bit impersonal and crowded to some, the winning couple couldn’t be happier, all expenses are paid for by, helpful since both Philips and Dubie are both currently in school.

Although, like all things free, there are strings attached; the elements to the wedding day will be determined by votes from viewers at the sponsor’s website. People can cast their vote on things like the bridal gown, wedding bands, the wedding cake, and even the honeymoon destination. (The couple will get the chance to narrow down the options to their top three choices first.)

Despite giving up control over the details of the day, the couple couldn’t be happier with the outcome; Dubie has never been to New York City before, and the reception will be held at the Hard Rock Café which must appeal to Philips since she is a singer, songwriter, and guitar player.

The rest of the specific details will remain a mystery until right before the ceremony, which will not only be shown on large screen TV’s throughout Time Square, but it will also be broadcasted live on national television.

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