Three Stone Engagement Rings: The Past, Present, and Future

Three stone engagement rings, also known as Trilogy or Trinity rings, have always been popular for the sentimental connotation that they carry. It is most widely believed to represent the three phases of a couples lives together; the past, present, and future of their relationship, which makes the design a popular choice for an anniversary gift as well.

Also as a general rule, the center diamond on a three stone engagement ring is designed to be larger than the two side stones. However, there are some designs that choose not to follow, much like Madonna’s ring when she married movie director, Guy Ritchie.

As a woman who is famous for reinvention, her engagement ring would have to be unique. So when Ritchie asked Madonna to marry him in 2000, he popped the question with a three stone engagement ring, which has flanking diamonds equal in size and shape to the Round cut center diamond. The ring, which has a total of 5 carats worth of diamond, is an antique style platinum ring with an Edwardian setting. It is completely unlike any other celebrity engagement ring out there, which seems to suit Madonna perfectly.

While Princess cut are the more popular diamonds for a three stone engagement ring, the Paradiso 3002R from Verragio is an example of how the design works with Round cut diamonds as well. This engagement ring features two smaller Brilliant Round diamonds flanking a matching larger Round cut center diamond. Also featuring the Paradiso scrolling design inside the band, it has a unique flair all its own.

Camille Parker Bowles and Prince Charles of the U.K. (talk about a past, present, and future) had an interesting and often tortured courtship, but when the two finally were able to wed in 2005, Parker Bowles received a square cut diamond engagement ring, whose center is flanked by baguette diamonds. The ring, which has a 1920’s platinum setting, is a Windsor family heirloom, and was previously worn by Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mary, whose husband became King when his brother abdicated to wed the American divorcee, Wallis Simpson.

The Venetian 5013P-4  is a beautiful example of a unique square, three ring design. This engagement ring, from Verragio’s latest collection, features a Princess cut diamond center, flanked by two smaller Princess diamonds are set onto a pave’ set, twisted shank. Complete with the lace detailing inside of the band, although it isn’t an heirloom yet, this ring is fit for a Queen.

So for the relationship that will last you a lifetime, there is no better way to celebrate where you started from and where you’ll go than with a three diamond engagement ring.

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