Country Clamoring for Twilight News, Again

It’s any wonder that young stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson can’t have a meal in public without rumors of engagement rings and babies springing forth now that “Twilight” fans are waiting with baited breath for every little wedding detail.

Not for the real-life-maybe-couple, Stewart and Pattinson, but for their movie alter egos in the fourth installment of the widely successful vampire franchise.

First fans were clamoring with excitement over the unveiling of the engagement ring in the third movie in the series, and love or hate the design, the third movie featured the marriage proposal and ensuing engagement of the movie’s young protagonists. And the series creator, Stephanie Meyers, wanted to get as close to her original description as possible.

Meyers co-designed the engagement ring with Infinite Jewelry Co. to make sure they got her vision right; the outcome was a yellow gold band and oval center encrusted with diamonds. Due to the hype, a replica version was available for fans to purchase before the movie, “Eclipse,” was released.

But, as they say, the engagement ring was so last year, this year is all about the wedding dress. Fans have been aching to sink their teethes into a preview, but so far all they got was speculation. Stewart, who was the subject of some pretty outrageous wedding rumors of her own lately, will be the one wearing the dress. But when asked in an interview with MTV news recently, all she would confirm was that although she had tried on plenty, they hadn’t found the one yet.

Today it was announced that Zac Posen, high profile fashion designer to the stars, will be the one to design the “Breaking Dawn” wedding dress.

If the accuracy of the engagement rings transition from page to screen is any indication, Posen is an appropriate choice to design the gown, which is described as from the ‘pages of a Jane Austen novel.’ Posen, who has designed real-life wedding gowns for Portia de Rossi and Coco Rocha, is known for his old Hollywood inspired glamor.

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