‘It Was Fate’: A Verragio Engagement Story

When Kelly Johnson’s fiancé, Lorenzo Wells, proposed, it may have been a surprise, but the engagement ring definitely wasn’t. Johnson, who works at Christopher Williams Jewelers in Virginia, said she always knew a Verragio ring was in her cards.
“Ever since my first day of working at the store, I was amazed by Verragio’s designs. Unfortunately, it is hard to find a three stone engagement ring that also has some side detail work, ” Johnson said. “And as soon as I saw the three stone Classico 0125R with the pave diamonds on the sides I knew it would be my future ring.”
And Wells, who has been dating Johnson for six and a half years, had everything planned from the perfect ring to a scenic sunset setting, according to Johnson.
“Lorenzo told me he wanted to go up to a local mountain resort and watch the sunset and take pictures of the fall leaves sometime during the week. I didn’t really think much of it, then Wednesday came around and work told me to leave at 4pm to do a delivery for them ,” Johnson said.
As it turned out, her coworkers, who were in on the secret, were just trying to get rid of her so Wells could pick up the ring, and by the time the two were heading to the mountain top, the sun was about to set.
“We rushed in the car and literally raced the sun to the top of the mountain,” Johnson said. “When we got there we began snapping pictures as quickly as possible and then Lorenzo said he wanted a picture of us both together, so he put the camera on top of the car and set the self-timer.”
Oblivious to the big moment at hand, Johnson was more concerned with the fact that the camera didn’t seem to be working.
“This entire time he was telling me how much he loves me and how he wants to spend forever with me and I was paying almost no attention at all just saying ‘I love you too honey’, and ‘Yeah, me too’ because I was so focused on the camera that would not go off,” Johnson said.
When Wells got down on one knee though, Johnson finally got the hint.
“I was stunned but managed to get out ‘Of course!’ before the hysterical crying started,” Johnson said. “All in all it was a beautiful engagement and exactly what I would have wanted; private and romantic.”
Their engagement was a longtime coming, according to Johnson, who is currently busy planning their dream wedding in Outer Banks, NC for July of 2012. “We are going to rent a beach house for our family and friends and spend a week down there celebrating and get married on our last day down there on the beach,” Johnson said.
And as for the engagement ring, they couldn’t be happier to have it as a symbol of their relationship. “It was the perfect ring for me and when I originally showed it to my fiancé he said that it was exactly the ring he would have chosen for me,” Johnson said. “It was fate.”
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