Newly Engaged and Married Celebrity Couples Celebrate Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time for food, family, and being grateful for all we have. And it turns out that celebrities celebrate Thanksgiving just like the rest of us.

Ever popular couple Katy Perry and Russell Brand, despite claims that they were going to take a step back from the spotlight after their Wedding in India last month, still seems to grab the public’s attention. Brand has been making the promotion rounds for his latest movie, Shakespeare’s The Tempest, recently, and even debuted his newly acquired wedding ring while visiting ‘Conan.’

But despite both of the stars busy schedules, the couple settled down in California for a traditional American holiday, where Perry introduced the British-born actor to her family’s traditions past Thursday.

Perry, who jokingly shared that she sometimes slips up and calls Brand her boyfriend, was excited for their first Thanksgiving together, and even prepared a tofu turkey for her vegetarian husband.

Another couple that enjoyed a meat free holiday was Jessica Simpson and her brand new fiancé Eric Johnson. Simpson visited Jimmy Fallon on the late show last week where she opened up about her new engagement ring and plans for the upcoming holiday.

The three stone engagement Ruby and diamond engagement ring, she told Fallon, had been hidden in a shoe inside her house for weeks before Johnson popped the question.

“It was romantic that he actually asked me at my house,” Simpson shared. “Because that’s my little safe haven.”

Simpson also recently shared that she has begun to embrace the vegan lifestyle that Johnson leads, but admitted to Fallon that it might be a little difficult on the Thanksgiving holiday.

“We’re going to make a Tofurkey,” Simpson said. “It doesn’t sound right. It’s going to be jiggly and weird.”

The couple celebrated together in New York City, enjoying a little more traditional holiday activity, as Simpson was one of the big name performers at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

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