Paris Hilton Goes Shopping for an Engagement Ring

Socialite and sometimes reality television star Paris Hilton has built a career on gossip and rumors. And it seems that, not for the first time, there are wedding bells distantly ringing for the hotel heiress, if this round of gossip is to be believed.

Hilton, who is currently in a relationship with Cy Waits, a Las Vegas Nightclub manager, was seen visiting a jewelry shop in New York City recently, and although the couple only left with a white gold and black diamond encrusted ring, the rumor mill is running rampant. 

And even though it wasn’t an engagement ring the couple left with this weekend, that doesn’t mean they weren’t looking.

“They shopped for engagement rings,” an anonymous source told PEOPLE. “They were really cute together. Paris was making comments about the rings and joking that her ring has to be at least 24 carats.”

The 24 carats may refer to her previous engagement ring in 2005 when she was set to marry Greek Shipping Heir Paris Latsis, during which she sported an over 23 carat white diamond engagement ring.  The two Paris’s parted ways before they made it to the altar, and Hilton reportedly auctioned off the ring for charity. 

More recently Hilton was involved in a very public relationship with reality star Doug Reinhardt, but reportedly ended it due to fear that he was using her to further his career.

Although Hilton has only been with Waits for less than a year, Hilton recently shared with Ryan Seacrest, on his radio show, how happy she is with Waits, calling her relationship “really serious.”

When contacted, Hilton’s representative told PEOPLE, “the couple was shopping in New York looking for something special for Paris’s 30th birthday.”

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