Legendary Hollywood Starlet’s Massive Diamond Ring Heads to the Auction Block

Gloria Swanson, Hollywood actress and silent movie star, left many legacies behind in the industry when she ended her career in 1974.  She was well known for her style, fashion, and most especially her love of diamonds on the red carpet, many times, according to her studio contract, had to be provided at her own expense.

However, despite the personal costs, Swanson was always seen in the best and was one of the first celebrities that often borrowed from designers rather than purchased, a practice still used by stars today.  But there were still a few sparklers that Swanson called her own, with one of those more impressive pieces is set to hit the auction block on May 23rd.

Swanson was known as a big fan of jewelry, and even helped to make colored gemstones popular on the red carpet, with pieces like the emerald, amethyst, and gold necklace she wore in the 1922 movie, “Affairs on Anatole.”

The actress received her first Academy Award nomination in 1928, but was already the highest paid actress in Hollywood.  She is rumored to have made and spent $8 million dollars in one decade, not surprising with a jewelry budget of $500,000 annually.  Spending big bucks like that is considered lavish luxury today, much less the roaring twenties. 

However the piece that Christie’s auction house will be selling to the highest bidder this spring in Paris will be a diamond ring once owned by Swanson.  The 5.1 carat Rectangular cut diamond is set onto a clean shank, and has a pre-sale estimate of anywhere from $97,377 to $139,110.   

The look of the diamond ring is reminiscent of Reese Witherspoon’s engagement ring, which is actually reminiscent of Khloe Kardashian’s engagement ring, proving that Swanson was certainly ahead of her time.  To get the sleek look of the rectangular ring that had apparently inspired decades to come, check out the Couture 0409R from Verragio, which features a slight scrolling design under a clean shank, and can be custom made to fit a Emerald center diamond, much like Swanson’s.  

Couture-0409R diamond engagement ring from Verragio

Engagement Rings by Verragio: Couture-0409R

In 1950, Swanson performed her most memorable role in the movie “Sunset Boulevard” as a silent film starlet who has lost her luster, and time has passed her by.  However in real life, with the anticipation of this diamond ring’s sale, Swanson’s legacy remains relevant and her reputation as one of Hollywood’s most glamorous ladies; frozen in time.

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