Leann Rimes and Eddie Cibrian Will Be Exchanging Wedding Rings, But Leak No Details

You can’t exactly fault the media for constantly speculating on a couple’s relationship when it was so publically flaunted in the beginning.  However, it seems like Leann Rimes may finally be getting sick of the rumors surrounding her upcoming wedding to actor Eddie Cibrian. 

First they were engaged, and then they were not.  Now they are engaged and happily planning a wedding in Montana, except they’re not.  And earlier today they were happily engaged, planning a wedding, and set to share all the details on a reality show centered on their upcoming nuptials.  Except they’re not.

The somewhat controversial couple originally got together while filming a Lifetime movie together; however both stars were married at the time, but have since fallen in love, divorced their respective partners, and got engaged. 

Rimes and Cibrian became engaged over the holidays when Cibrian presented the Country music star with a stunning 5 carat, Oval cut diamond engagement ring, surrounded by pave set diamonds and set onto rose gold.  Rimes contributed to the ring by having a Fleur de Lis design incorporated on the band, however the ring itself was specially design by Cibrian and the Jeweler.

While the couple has done its best to turn around the public’s perception of them, it seems that the reality show suggestion was one step too far for Rimes, who had bashed reality shows in the past.

While her representation labeled the rumor, “absolutely untrue,” Rimes herself took to her Twitter page to deny the idea, vehemently.

“I don’t know how many times I have to say Eddie and I would never do a reality show about our lives,” the singer twittered on Wednesday. She later added, “I despise desperate stories from desperate people needing to fill a page, but it’s a good laugh at the same time.”

The couple had admitted that they are planning to exchange wedding rings sometime in the near future, but have yet to release any details.

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