Canadian Actor Jay Baruchel Proposed with an Antique Victorian Engagement Ring, and Other Wedding News

When Canadian Actor Jay Baruchel proposed to girlfriend Alison Pill over the holidays, it wasn’t exactly movie magic.  In fact, he recently told Entertainment Tonight that he was still thinking about it up until the moment he popped the question.

“[Alison] came to Montreal for Christmas and my gift to her was…Iwas going to give her a ring and I wasn’t sure, I wasn’t ready in my heart to say what it was,” Baruchel shared.  “When I gave it to her, I just said, basically, ‘S— or get off the pot.  I said, ‘F— it, will you marry me?’

The actor has most recently been in movies like “She’s Out of my League,” and “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” but he is perhaps best known for his roles the comedies “Tropic Thunder” and “Knocked Up.”

It can be assumed that Pill, and actress herself from movies like “Milk” and “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World,” is used to his sense of humor because she accepted the unorthodox  proposal, however the ring had to help.

Unsure of himself or not, Baruchel presented Pill with a Victorian band from London, reportedly 180 years old.  The couple is planning to exchange wedding ring in September of 2012.

In other Celebrity wedding news, model Petra Nemcova, who also got engaged this past December to British actor Jamie Belman shared a couple of details from her upcoming wedding.

The ceremony will be attended by 130 of their nearest and dearest, the model told E News.

“It will be both a mix of formal and fun and craziness,” she said. “I want everyone to feel comfortable and appreciated.”

Although she isn’t sure where the ceremony will be yet, the couple has been scouting locations in the U.K. but one thing she does know is the dress; Nemcova shared that a Marchesa gown is being designed just for her.

Nemcova has been seen around the world on runways and magazine covers; however it was, unfortunately, her survival of the 2004 Tsunami that propelled her to fame.  However when listing the top luckiest moments of her life, surviving the natural disaster in South East Asia, surprisingly, doesn’t top the list.

“First was meeting my  fiancé,” she said. “Then surviving the tsunami. He’s a real man; there are no layers of phony.  He is who he is.  He’s incredibly loving and he’s just really what I look for. I knew right away about him, really really fast.”

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