British Starlet “Pimps” Out her Engagement Ring

Sarah Harding is a British reality television star, turned singer, turned model who, although she has enjoyed massive success in the U.K., is relatively unknown in the United States.  That is, until news of her engagement started to make internet headlines across the pond, and the ripples have now reached our shores, it seems.

However, the interesting part of the story isn’t the star, nor her fiancé DJ Tom Crane, or even the match itself; it is her engagement ring, or more specifically, her apparent unhappiness with it that has caught people’s attention. 

The story, which is being touted as a fashion forward tale about individuality, began after the couple took a vacation to the Maldives over the winter holidays, during which they apparently got engaged on New Year’s Eve.

“There we were, about to see in a new year in the most romantic place I’ve ever visited and we spot this beautiful ring. I figured it was fate. I had been thinking about proposing for a while, but I wanted to make sure everything was perfect,” Crane told reporters.

The couple arrived back to England looking tan and happy, with Harding sporting a sapphire and diamond engagement ring, very similar to the one Kate Middleton received from Prince William, known as the ‘Royal Ring.’

However, in recent months the ‘Girls Aloud’ singer was seen around town with a bare finger, and when asked about it she denied rumors of unrest, but instead told reporters that she had sent it away “to be blinged up – a sort of ‘pimp my ring’.”

Now, to be fair it is the recipient of the ring that has to be kept in mind when choosing an engagement ring, she is, after all, the one who has to wear it.  But while it seems that Harding’s engagement ring did not meet her standards, it also seems like Crane tried to keep her wishes in mind.

“I knew Sarah wanted a central sapphire with diamonds but the original ring, although beautiful, wasn’t as unusual as she wanted,” Crane said. 

The ‘new and improved’ engagement ring has yet to be revealed, and while Crane is doing his best to harbor no hard feelings, this story brings up an interesting question: Is it okay to tell your fiancé you don’t like the ring he chose?

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