ABC’s The Bachelor Concludes with another Diamond Engagement Ring

Another Bachelor’s conclusion, another engagement made in reality television as the show’s 15th season came to a close last night. 

The Bachelor is a reality television competition, in which once man, presumably considered a catch, whittles down a group of around 25 women, in the hopes of finding true love.   The successful show has aired on ABC since 2002, and showcases a series of exotic locals and intimate dates in which the women vie for his attention.  (It is also important to point of that there is a ‘The Bachelorette,’ in which the roles get reversed.)  

What made this season exceptionally popular though, was that Brad Womack, this year’s object of the ladies affection, was actually ‘The Bachelor’ back in 2007 when he famously refused to choose between the two remaining contestants, and chose to reject them both instead.

The underlining theme for this season was that after receiving considerable flack for his previous season’s ending, Womack was back and ready for love this time.  There was also supposed to be a bit of will, he won’t suspense involved, however common sense would tell us he wouldn’t dare cast aside the women a second go around.  

Womack did not disappoint, the viewers at least, and declared his love for Emily Maynard, a 24 year old single mother, before proposing on bended knee.

The Entrepreneur from Austin, Texas presented Maynard with a ring featuring a Round cut diamond center, surrounded by a halo of diamonds and set onto a split shank.  The custom designed engagement ring  sports a very modern look, perfect for the young single mother.

Maynard supposedly won over Womack when she opened up about her tumultuous past, sharing that she had previously been engaged to NASCAR Driver Ricky Hendrick, who died in plane crash five years ago. Maynard also revealed that she had learned she was expecting Hendrick’s child about a week after he died.

She was lucky enough to find love a second time, it seems, as she accepted Womack’s proposal.  

“I’m just really, really happy,’ she told the cameras. “There’s no question in my mind that Brad is the right person for me.”

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