The New Verragio App Has Arrived

It is funny how smart phone applications have become so prevalent today that the term ‘app’ has become part of our cultural conversation.  With that thought in mind, we introduced our own app in December 2009, in order to make it more convenient search the new collections and learn more about our engagement rings and wedding bands. 

Verragio Engagement Rings for iPhone

The Verragio 2.0 application is free and available for download now on iTunes.

While we are pleased to say that our App was well received, it can, like all things in life, be improved upon.  So with convenience once again in mind, we are happy to announce that the second version of our app is now available for download through iTunes for your iPhone or iPad. 

The interactive app allows our fans to search through all of our collections simply by tapping their screens, and this time around we have included our latest line, the Venetian collection.  Featuring innovated designs which pair modern elements, such as halos and unique shanks, with a vintage feel thanks to the antique inspired lace design under each band, the new line has enjoyed overwhelming popularity. 

Verragio Collections for your iPhone

Engagement Rings from Verragio on your iPhone

Another added feature is the new GPS locator that makes it easier to find Verragio’s authorized retailers while on the go.  Instead of searching by individual states, the app will now automatically pull up the closest authorized retailer based on your current geographic location.  But don’t worry you can also search by zip code too.

And as always, once you find the perfect ring for you, the app allows you to add it to your personal wish list, email it to your special someone, or even post it to your Facebook page or Twitter account so you can share the ring of your dreams with all of your friends.  Sending little hints has never been so easy!

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