Holly Branson Celebrates her Engagement

Holly Branson may not be the most watched bride to be in England, but her wedding will still be one to watch.  Daughter of the British business tycoon, Sir Richard Branson, the blushing 29 years old bride celebrated her engagement to Shipbroker Fred Andrews at the Kensington Roof Gardens in London this week.

Dressed in a shimmering evening gown for the occasion, Branson showed off her Pink sapphire and diamond engagement ring,  given to her by Andrews after asking for her hand from her father, Richard Branson shared with The Mirror.

“She has a wonderful man and the whole family is very happy. Taking that call is the best thing I’ve done all year,’ Branson told the paper.

The couple is set to marry in a small ceremony on Necker Island, her family’s private Island, on November 20th, the same date and location that Richard married wife and mother of the bride Jane, 22 years ago.   Branson, whose net worth is estimated to be around $4 billion dollars, also owns noticeable businesses like Virgin Records, Virgin Airlines, Virgin Megastores, Virgin Galactic and the most recent venture Virgin Oceanic.  

The two will also be attending the highly anticipated Royal wedding on April 29th between Kate Middleton and Prince William, whom Holly has known since they were both children.  Branson and Andrews are actually one of the few couples invited to all three events of the day, including the ceremony at Westminster Abbey, the reception at Buckingham Palace, and the private dinner to be held later in the evening.

“I do feel a bit sorry for them actually, with all that pressure,” Holly told The Mirror. “To me they’re just two good friends and I’ll be happy to be there watching my two good friends get married.”

Richard Branson has been coy about whether he will be attending the royal wedding himself, however it is well known that he was close to Princess Diana before her death and even helped to spirit her away to Necker Island during the breakup of her marriage.

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