The Country Music Wedding of the Year

The wedding of Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert has been called the most anticipated wedding in the Country Music world, which is definitely a world unto itself, and it seems like the pair is finally ready to tie the knot this weekend in Texas.

“I’m excited to get married,” Lambert told The Associated Press in a recent interview. “It’s been a year almost that we’ve been engaged. So I’m just sort of ready for it to get here.”

Lambert has reportedly been working out for the big day for some time now, in an effort to avoid any last minute dieting. 

“I’ve sort of been gradually working down, losing some weight and working out,” Lambert told the AP.  “I definitely want to be a fit bride. So I’m just trying to keep myself in a good routine, a healthy routine.”

In between workouts and nail appointments, the bride-to-be has even found time to kill her own reception dinner, posting a picture of dear meat on her Twitter.

“Last thing loaded for the wedding! Harvested by…me,” she wrote explaining that the couple plans to serve venison at the reception.

The groom-to-be had previously joked that his only fear would be her cold feet.

“My hopes for the wedding is that she doesn’t back out, because not only would it break my heart, but it’s going to be a very expensive party to not have at least gotten married there,” he told the AP.

But Lambert assured him that their wedding would be nothing like the music video for her song “White Liar” in which she leaves the groom at the altar.

“No, I told him, if he wants to dump me at the altar, call me to decide, and we’ll just have a party instead,” Shelton laughingly told the AP.

The couple became engaged on May 9th, 2010 after Shelton asked her father’s blessing and subsequently proposed with a three diamond and platinum engagement ring.  Since then the couple couldn’t be happier.

“We’re best friends, and I can’t see myself with anybody else,” Lambert told the AP.

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