Ralph Lauren on the most important Design of his Life: His Daughter’s Wedding Gown

It is hard to imagine, American born but world renowned fashion designer Ralph Lauren, whose gowns have been seen on stars like Katie Holmes, Penelope Cruz, and Angelina Jolie, trying to top himself, but that is exactly the challenge he is facing now.

The fashion mogul sat down with Oprah for his first television interview in 20 years, as part of her farewell season, and talked about designing his only daughter’s wedding gown.

“I want to just give her something that she’d really treasure and give her something that would be really amazing,” Lauren told Oprah.  “I want her to feel fantastic.”

Lauren’s only daughter Dylan, who is also the founder of Dylan’s Candy Bar, an almost iconic destination for New Yorkers and tourists alike on the Upper East Side, is getting married to hedge fund manager Paul Arrouet next month. 

For her part, the 37 year old has nothing but praise for the design, as she has described it as ‘the most amazing thing’ when she saw it.

“I told my fiancé, ‘I may sleep in it. I might wear it the next day,’” she added.  “It’s really beautiful. I know that every bit of his energy and heart went into making sure that I liked it.”

His design’s, he explained, have always been more about lifestyle than trend. 

“The clothes that I design and everything I’ve done is about life and how people live and how they want to live and how they dream they’ll live,’ he said. ‘That’s what I do.”

And although he told Oprah that he experiences a certain amount of fear with every design he unveils this time, the stakes were raised.

“I had to do something that was better than ever before. When you do something for your family or your daughter,” he told Oprah.  “I mean it’s the only daughter I have, beautiful girl.”

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