The Perfect Ring for the Perfect Surprise: A Verragio Engagement Story

Five years down the road, what started as Codi Johnson and Daniel Kenshol’s teenage romance recently took a turn for the serious when Kenshol presented Johnson with a custom designed Verragio engagement ring.

“I fell in love with the Paradiso 3041P but I liked the scroll look of some of the other rings.  Until then I had never really saw a ring that truly caught my eye. I knew I wanted a solitaire but I also wanted something unique.”  Johnson said.  “And after visiting a local dealer we found out they could combine the two looks I love into my dream ring.”

The couple, who originally met in high school, weathered a two year long-distance relationship, only to be separated again for about six months while Kenshol trained for the State Police Department.

“It was while he was in police academy that I found Verragio’s Facebook page and immediately fell in love,” Johnson said.  “We had been dating for 5 years and everyone was wondering and waiting for him to finally propose.  Especially me.”

During a recent getaway this past September, Johnson was a proposal was on the way, but the trip was cut short when Kenshol was entered into a shooting competition.

“I couldn’t say no, because it was what he really wanted,” Johnson said.  “I took pictures and enjoyed watching him take first place in one of the challenges.”

That following Monday, home on her lunch break, Johnson found Kenshol, who works nights, wide awake and waiting.

“He kept asking if I had a good weekend and if I would change anything. I assured him I had a great time, and when I turned back he was on his knee in our kitchen and asked, ‘are you sure you wouldn’t change anything about this weekend,’” Johnson remembered.  “When I saw he had a ring box in his hand I blurted out, ‘are you kidding me right now?’ His response, of course, was ‘will you marry me?’”

In the box was what Johnson describes as the perfect ring; the Paradiso 3041R, customized with Insignia scrollwork inside of the band, and one more sentimental adjustment.

“One night while Dan was getting ready for work, I had mentioned it would be nice to incorporate a blue sapphire into my ring to show my commitment to him and his career; blue is a universal color of law officers,” Johnson shared.  “Being a Law Enforcement wife is not easy, but I wanted him to know I will always support him.”

With two Princess cut Sapphires set into the band under the center, it was exactly what Johnson was looking for: a unique solitaire ring.

“I am so proud of my ring and I get compliments all the time, and it is even more special because it is the only one like it,” Johnson said.  “And the ring has even more meaning because it is something we designed together.  Thank you Verragio.”

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