Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Verragio sell directly to the public?
    VERRAGIO does not sell directly to the public. All Verragio jewelry is distributed to the public exclusively through our authorized retailers, who have been carefully selected to represent the quality of our brand name. As a result, you can be assured that you are receiving a premium product backed by unsurpassable service. A listing of our authorized retailers can be found here. All price inquiries and purchases must be made through authorized retailers.
  • Where can I purchase a Verragio ring?
    To ensure that you are purchasing an authentic Verragio ring, you should only purchase from any of the authorized Verragio retail partners featured here :
  • How do I know that I received an authentic Verragio ring?
    All VERRAGIO rings are inscribed with our trademark on the inside of the band of each ring. This is to ensure that you are purchasing a genuine VERRAGIO ring. If you are not sure if the ring you purchased is VERRAGIO, please contact us and we will try to make sure it is. Please be aware that we recently started to engrave the serial number of the ring for easy identification. This is a unique six-digit number that helps us quickly authenticate each ring.
  • What are my choices of metals when choosing a Verragio design?
    Verragio designs are available in your choice of Platinum, 14K and 18K White and Yellow Gold and 18K and 20K Rose Gold. For a ring that is truly unique, you are welcome to combine any of the above metals into one ring.
  • What quality diamonds does Verragio use in each collection?
    Verragio uses F-G color and VS clarity diamonds in the Insignia, Venetian and Couture Collections. Verragio uses F-G color and SI clarity diamonds in the Parisian Collection. Verragio uses G-H color and SI in the Renassiance Collection.
  • Do Verragio engagement ring settings include the center diamond?
    All Verragio rings are sold as “semi-mounts”, which means that the ring will come complete with all diamonds and gemstones set EXCEPT for the center stone. Verragio manufactures all rings according to the size and shape of the stone you choose, so the choice of shape and size is up to you. Any of Verragio’s authorized retail partners will be happy to choose the perfect center stone for your Verragio engagement ring.
  • What can you tell me about the “Starting Price” listed on
    Verragio makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of pricing shown on, but due to various customizations such as finger size, center stone shape/size, modifications and metal selection, there may be some variations. We reserve the right to modify prices at any time, without any written notice or other notification.
  • Is every Verragio ring shown on the website?
    Although features a wide array of engagement rings and wedding bands, it is not representative of the entire VERRAGIO collection. The styles featured on the site are some of our most popular styles. The see an expansive view of the Verragio collection, please visit an authorized retailer.
  • What is the typical turnaround time for a Verragio engagement ring and/or wedding band?
    Because each Verragio ring is made according to your choice of metal, finger size and the size and shape of your center stone, you can expect a delivery time of 4-6 weeks.
  • How do I keep my ring shiny?

    Watch the video below to see how to clean your ring in minutes.

Customization Questions

  • What is the MIY feature I see next to some of the engagement rings on the website?
    MIY stands for “Make It Yours.” Verragio is THE only engagement ring company that truly allows you to create a custom piece according to YOUR taste.
  • Can I work with Verragio to customize a ring that is unique to me?
    That is the beauty of Verragio. Our “Make It Yours” feature allows you to customize each and every component of your engagement ring. Whether you want a mixture of white and rose gold, or to combine 3 different rings into one perfect piece for you, the possibilities are endless. Take a look at our collections featured here. If you notice the MIY feature next to the style, you can begin the customization process! For other customization requests, please feel free to contact one of our authorized retail partners.

Warranty Questions

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