"My fiance proposed to me in Manhattan NY on July 26th and I was knocked on my feet at the sight of the ring (Couture-0426r-TT), it was so gorgeous like nothing I've ever seen before. Verragio is truly a unique company and puts a ton of detail into each ring customized for a beautiful bride!!"
- Jennifer
"My fiance just proposed to me on Saturday, June 29th with the most beautiful custom Verragio Insignia ring, it has been taking my breath away ever since! I couldn't imagine a more beautiful ring to start this exciting new chapter together. Thank you VERRAGIO!"
- Nicole
"I just wanted to send a quick note to thank the Verragio team for their great work with my custom Insignia 7050R. This ring is even more perfect than I had imagined, and I wanted to make sure everyone involved in its creation know just how much I appreciate their creativity, patience, and hard work. This ring embodies everything that Verragio stands for--it is unique, innovative, and flawless. Thank you very much for creating this amazing ring for me!"
- Katie
"Thank you Verragio for my custom Parisian-107P, and creating a beautiful ring that perfectly reflects on our different but seamless personalities. But more importantly, thank you Elias for being my companion and best friend. I love you and I can't wait to finally be your wife."
- Rose
"I saw my Verragio Classico collection engagement ring in a Facebook banner ad several years ago and fell in love with it instantly. Last year my fiance snuck off to our local authorized retailer, Steve Padis Jewelry in San Francisco, and found it for me. It looks just as beautiful in person and the Lumina Setting makes it so sparkly! I look forward to cherishing it forever."
- Brittany
"My fiance' bought me the Venetian-5007CU and I could not have asked for a more beautiful ring. We customized it with a cushion cut diamond instead of the round one it is shown with, and the ring and diamond are flawless together. I cannot wait to get married next year and get to wear a matching wedding band made by Verragio!"
- Ashley
"I was given a Verragio engagement ring by my husband in 2004, and we married in 2006. He recently passed away, and even to this day, when people see my ring and wedding band, they always ask where it was purchased. Mr. Verragio has a beautiful vision of how a diamond and a ring can be so significant, especially in my case. My husband always said, "Someone who loves you gave you those beautiful rings". He was right. "
- Amy
"My husband asked for my hand in marriage with a ring from this company and let me tell you it's been a couple of years and I still admire it everyday along with all of the outside comments from other people! Thank you so much Verragio for helping my husband pick out the most beautiful ring a girl could ever dream of! "
- Michaela
"I LOVE my Verragio Venetian 5003!!! I stumbled upon Verragio through Facebook while looking for rings and FELL IN LOVE!! It is so unique and unlike any other ring I have seen which was exactly what I have been searching for. I get SO many compliments, everyone loves it. I can't wait to get the matching wedding band to make the set complete! Thank you Verragio!!! "
- Erika
"I've always wanted a ring like my grandmother's solitaire setting ring, but I also want some pizzazz. I finally found the Venetian-5012-3 which is the perfect ring. It's so simple but it's got such beauty that it makes me squeal every time I see it. I've already told my honey that when he proposes I want this ring with a pink stone! Hope he listens!"
- Virginia
"My fiance' proposed with a Venetian 5001P-3! I love how unique it is, especially with the beading and filigree work. It is truly unlike any other ring! I am in love with my man and my ring!"
- Melissa
"What I love about my Verragio 3002R is that it is SO unique and just so beautiful. I love the reactions i get when people see the scroll work on all sides. I honestly feel it is an HONOR to own a Verragio and I am so proud!!"
- Laura
"I knew my mom was going to offer a third generation diamond to my boyfriend when he asked for my hand. The diamond is very old and of wonderful quality but just under one carat so I wanted a very special setting to make it stand out. I searched and searched and then found Verragio. Oh, the options. I decided on a setting and my boyfriend (now husband) listened. I have been wearing my ring since December 2007 and get compliments on it daily. People say it has such a "wow factor" and this is with a center stone under a carat. THANK YOU VERRAGIO! :) When I received the appraisal the style number was my birthday - it was meant to be! :)"
- Jennifer
"I purchased the Insignia 7023 a few months ago and will be asking my girlfriend to marry me in just a couple of weeks. This ring is absolutely stunning and it matches her personality perfectly! I can't wait to give it to her, I know she'll love it. She deserves nothing but the best, which is why I went with Verragio!"
- Bill
"My fiancé and I have been looking at the Couture-0379 ring online for almost a year now, and yet when he surprised me with it this weekend I was absolutely blown away. I just wanted to let you know that the images on your website absolutely do not do your rings justice; they are infinitely more exquisite in person. Thank you for a creation that will signify our love for many many years. "
- Nicole N.
"We got engaged about 3 1/2 weeks ago. I had the daunting task of choosing my setting. Everything out there looks the same. The girls in the office all seem to have the same settings. I was so lost. And the internet has thousands of rings, but even THEY repeat themselves. And then I tripped over Verragio! OMG!!!!! I am in love with Insignia-7001RD and I hope to have it very soon. Thank you for designing rings that are so different AND so gorgeous! I absolutely love it!"
- Laura
"I became acquainted with Verragio while shopping for rings with my then boyfriend. I instantly fell in love with the CLASSICO-0288. on August of 2008 he surprised my and proposed to me on stage in front of an audience of about 500 people. he presented me with the CLASSICO-0288 with the unique twist of an 1 carat emerald cut center stone!!!! We were married 07/04/2009. We just celebrated our 1 year anniversary, and strangers still comment on how beautiful and unique my ring is. Thanks Verragio!"
- Danni
"I LOVE MY VERRAGIO! They are all so unique and different and always catch everyone's eye! Not a day goes by where I do not receive a compliment! :) Verragio is truly beautiful and what every bride should wear."
- Shannon
"I just got engaged and my fiancé wants me to pick out my own ring and I just fell in love with Verragio's Venetian Collection. I dont need to shop around, I already know what want . Honey it's VERRAGIO or nothing at all!!!!!!!!!!"
- JoAnne
"I purchased the Insignia-7023 a few months ago and will be asking my girlfriend to marry me in just a couple of weeks. This ring is absolutely stunning and it matches her personality perfectly! I can't wait to give it to her; I know she'll love it. She deserves nothing but the best, which is why I went with Verragio!"
- Bill
"The collections are AMAZING!!! I built my own engagement ring and the wedding band to match. I thought it was pretty amazing and got a lot of compliments about it but I do have to say....These rings are beautiful!!! :)"
- JuStA
"I was proposed to about 4 weeks ago, but my fiancé asked me to be patient because he wanted to give me the ring that I wanted. And I am absolutely excited because a birdie told me that it was the Verragio ring I showed everyone on this website. Although I told him I would be happy with whatever he got because I love him, but the Verragio I picked would be the cherry on the cake. I am absolutely in love with the rings Verragio has created, I have fell in love with them every since I first laid eyes on them."
- Corinne
"These are the most beautiful rings I have ever seen! They are unique, classy and antique looking. There are millions of rings out there in jewelry stores and online but I have to say these are the most creative designs that I have seen. Unique and gorgeous. What more would you want for the girl you want to spend the rest of your life with?"
- Marty
"This is the "eye candy" of all jewelry; the lucky lady who wears this is assured they will be noticed wherever they go from the server at the best restaurant, to the boss who also believes that fine jewelry is the crown of any fashion statement. If you made it to this page there is no further search necessary."
- Billy
"My guy has been ring shopping for a while and sending me pictures to pic what I want. I found this site and just was speechless to see the detail and love put into these designs. I was looking for something unique, one of a kind, yet something a little more modern as well. I stumbled upon VERRAGIO and now I will be telling everyone! Thanks!"
- Laura
"Your rings are classy beautiful an will make any woman feel as lovely as a queen. I hope to be a Verragio girl very, very, soon. Thank you for producing these timeless pieces of treasure that i can pass down to my loved ones."
- Candace
"OMG!!!!!! This is what I have been looking for. The perfect wedding ring. I look no more! These are the most beautiful rings I have ever seen in my life."
- Gwendolyn
"Your designs are exceptionally gorgeous; no words can explain the beauty of these priceless engagement rings."
- Carmela
"My fiancé proposed about three weeks ago, and I am absolutely in love with my Verragio ring (Couture-0362). It is elegant and timeless, and it sparkles like you wouldn't believe! People notice it everywhere we go (even the barista at Starbucks!) and I have gotten countless compliments. As I tell him every day, "It is just perfect!""
- Lauren
"Ever since the first day I saw a Verragio ad in a magazine, I've been obsessed. I've known I've wanted a Verragio ring, before I was even dating my future-fiancé/current-boyfriend. I now dream about the day he will give me that Verragio ring (PARADISO-3007P, preferably! however, they are all so beautiful any Verragio ring would do!). What he doesn't know... I'm not saying 'yes' unless its Verragio!"
- Candace
"I cannot get over how absolutely STUNNING these rings are! I look at the website pretty much every day and dream of someday being able to have one : ) Anything besides a VERRAGIO would be a let-down. I would wear it proudly!"
- Jenny D.
"I cannot stop staring at my new PARADISO-3007P!!! Thank you for making such gorgeous pieces!!"
- Kim R.
"I absolutely love my VERRAGIO piece! I have worn it on my finger since June 21st, 2008 and I have since gotten tons of compliments!! Thanks so much for beautiful rings Verragio! =]"
- April Z.
"Like every other little girl - I've been planning my wedding to the detail for years- complete with color palates, ideas and even a picture of a VERRAGIO ring cut out from a magazine! Your rings would make any girls wedding dream come true and be a reminder for the rest of her life!"
- Amber V.
"V= Very beautiful
E= Everlasting
R= Regal
R= Rare
A= Admired
G= Genuine
I = I want!
O= One!"
- Jenn S.
"I have a few goals in life: Earn my doctorate in Physical Therapy (I just finished my 2nd year), to travel somewhere tropical (like Hawaii), and own a beautiful VERRAGIO ring. (and I don't think I would care if they first two ever happened. :)"
- Kelley L.
"I carried a picture of my Verragio dream ring in my daily appointment book for two years and finally... I got my dream ring. But a girl can never have enough VERRAGIO!"
- Mona M.
"I was just told I get to pick my ring and have been looking for days and cant find the right one until I happened to see a VERRAGIO ring. Truly unique and different than what I have seen."
- Angelina M.
"Wow i am blown away by how beautiful and unique these rings are. My favorite collections are the PARADISO and COUTURE rings. Whoever gets a proposal with one of these Verragio engagement rings is most definitely a lucky bride to be :)"
- Amy L.
"LOOOOOVE THEM! They are all truly unique rings you can't find anywhere else! I've wanted one of these rings since I first saw one of your ads (five years ago)... In fact, I always tear out the ads to give to my future husband as a guide for what i want! And he knows your brand by name! These rings are amazing! i have been to VERRAGIO's website so often i cant even count! They are sooo beautiful! i am not ready to get engaged but if I get a VERRAGIO i might reconsider! Ha ha"
- Natasha D.

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