Choosing Your Engagement Ring: Think About More than Just the Diamond

When shopping for an engagement ring, it is important to remember that there is more to the ring than the cut of the diamond. Although it is true that the center stone is the star of the show, don’t forget the supporting cast. There are a couple of other elements to an engagement ring to keep in mind when you start looking, setting and shank style are also important. Here are a couple of popular options to help with the selection process.


Pave’ Set  { PARADISO-3006R }
Perhaps one of the most popular settings, the Pave’ style was designed to emulate the look of a cobble stone paved street. The diamonds are set so close together that no metal from the band shows, but the individual diamonds are still set in prongs, unlike channel, which is made with the diamonds touching. Pave’ setting can be added to any style of shank and adds a little extra sparkle to the band.

Channel Set { CLASSICO-0262P }
A channel set is when the diamonds are arranged in a line and set into the band as if they were kissing, touching side by side, with a metal lip on each edge to keep the diamonds in place. The setting is used for wedding bands as well, and does a good job of adding sparkle without being ostentatious.

Plain { CLASSICO-0356 }
A plain shank is pretty self-explanatory; however it is not as boring as it may sound. A plain shank is a clean, unadorned band that lets the center stone stand alone. If you’re style tends to veer more towards the vintage, then this classic style is for you.

Split Shank { COUTURE-0378 }
Another pretty self-explanatory name, the spilt shank is when the band is split into two or three parts. This creates width on your finger without compromising femininity. This style can also be pave’ set or left plain for different looks. Plus, spilt shanks are very popular this season, so if you like to keep up with the latest trends; this is a safe bet for you.

Twisted Shank { VENETIAN-5005P }
The Twisted shank is almost a variation on the split shank and occurs when the band is cut into two parts and then twisted together to create a braided band. This style can be coupled with a pave’ setting as well, but is intricate enough to stand in its own. The twisted shank is the perfect look for someone who likes to get noticed and is looking for something a little unique for that third finger.

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  1. diamond says:

    Yes, i agree pave setting gives a very stylish look and add shine.Pave engagement rings are beautiful and sparkles which can surely dazzle ur belove.

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