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Two More ‘True Blood’ Stars Invest in Engagement Rings

Love is in the air on the set of the hit HBO television series, True Blood. Following the high profile wedding of the cast’s main stars Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer, two more stars have announced their respective engagements. Viewers … Continue reading

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Suffering from Celebrity Engagement Ring Envy? Verragio Has Your Fix

We have all at one point or another suffered from a case of celebrity envy, guilty of coveting that which we cannot have; especially when it comes to diamonds. Unfortunately, unlike celebrities, we often have to remain a little more … Continue reading

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Another LA Laker Bride Shows off an Engagement Ring

LA Lakers Shooting Guard, Sasha Vujacic and three time Grand Slam tennis champ Maria Sharapova have officially announced their engagement. Although both from other countries, he was born in Slovenia and she in Russia, both sports stars have found incredible … Continue reading

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The Classico Collection: Classic Elegance with a Twist

The Classico collection from Verragio can best be described by ‘classy,’ as in when you see a woman wearing a Classico engagement ring, you think to yourself  “that is one classy lady.” In all seriousness though, the Classico collection was … Continue reading

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Celebration Planned for The Hope Diamond’s Anniversary

The Hope diamond is one of the world’s most valuable diamonds, and with a very interesting past. The diamond, which has been housed in the Smithsonian Institute for the last 50 years, will be getting a celebration and its own … Continue reading

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Pear Shaped Diamonds: We Choose to Love Them, Rather than Leave Them

A Pear shaped diamond is a love it or hate it kind of style, there seems to be no in between with women. Although it continues to be a notoriously popular diamond cut for engagement rings, it was uproariously mocked … Continue reading

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Halo Style Engagement Rings: Anyway You Want It

A halo style diamond engagement ring is one of the most creative and flattering designs that can satisfy any type of personal style. Called a halo because the center diamond is bordered on all side with smaller surrounding diamonds, the … Continue reading

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Wedding of the Year is Really Just a Circus

The most anticipated and coveted wedding ceremony of the season has finally been performed; Katy Perry and Russell Brand are finally husband and wife. Due to the media hype surrounding the nuptials, it is, at times, difficult to remember that … Continue reading

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Even Diamonds Have an Appropriate Time and Place

In history, there have always been people that have more money than they know what to do with,  and Music Producer and R&B star Kanye West may now join their ranks. The always bombastic star began making headlines, yet again, … Continue reading

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Marquise Cut Engagement Rings: Fit for Royalty

Marquise cut diamonds is a style of cut that is often in high demand, but has low public exposure. This is mostly due to the fact that Marquise cuts engagement rings are mostly custom made or commissioned. Such was the … Continue reading

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