Verragio extends the 10-10-10 Luck with our Latest Contest

October 10, 2010 was the most popular day to get married since July 7, 2007 or 7-7-7, and the number of couples that exchanged wedding rings on 10-10-10 will even surpass the ever popular Valentine’s Day this year.

Due to the lucky connotation of a 10-10-10 wedding date, about 30,000 couples around the globe decided to tie the knot this past Saturday, some even went one step further and spoke their vows at exactly 10 a.m.

In order to accommodate the maxed out wedding chapels in Las Vegas, the wedding capital of the U.S., one license bureau extended its usual 6pm closing time to midnight. At 10:10 a.m. in China, 60 couples were wed during a mass wedding ceremony at Beijing’s Olympic Park. And in probably the world’s biggest 10-10-10 ceremony, around 7,200 couples either tied the knot for the first time, or renewed their vows in a mass ceremony presided over by 90-year-old, Rev. Sun Myung, founder of the controversial Unification Church, in South Korea.

And we would be remiss if we did not mention George Lippitt, a young boy from the U.K. who turned 10-years-old at 10:10 a.m. on 10-10-10, not a wedding but still an amazing coincidence.

So at Verragio, we are keeping the 10-10-10 love alive for a few weeks longer. In our latest contest, 10 different winners will win an engagement ring from a selection of 10 different styles, over the next 10 weeks. 10 rings, for 10 winners, in 10 weeks.

To vie for a chance to win one of our rings, first become a fan of Verragio on Facebook. Next go to and view the rings in our collections. If there is one that catches your eye, click under the picture to the right in order to “enlarge the image,” and it will tell you if it is part of the contest.

If this is your ring, save the image to your computer and post it onto our wall on Facebook with a brief explanation as to why you should be the one to win this ring. The post that receives the most ‘likes’ in a week will win that specific ring. So remember to encourage as many family and friends to log and vote for your engagement ring, because they choose the winners, not us.

It’s easy, 10 winners over 10 weeks and all you have to do is get the most ‘likes,’ to cash in on some of that 10-10-10 magic. Good luck!

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