A Verragio Engagement Story: Sweet Desserts

When Lauren Hiltner, 21, and her fiancé William Hoffman, 23, began discussing marriage earlier this year they may not have had an exact engagement ring in mind, but they knew what they wanted; old world style with a modern twist.

“We both favor a three-stone design over a solitaire and the Princess cut feels more modern than a Round Brilliant,” Hiltner said. “Then I found Verragio’s web site and fell in love.”

The couple, who has been together since they were teenagers, visited Farah Jeweler’s in Columbus, Ohio to try on different Verragio designs and soon fell in love with the Paradiso collection. Paradiso rings, distinctive for the scrolling design inside the band, are the perfect mix of elegant form and practical function.
“Will loves that interesting detail; I enjoy that it keeps the ring upright on my finger,” Hiltner said. “I also like stones set into the band which make the design seem like is continues, to make a whole work of art for the entire ring and not just the ‘top’ that everyone sees all the time.”

The ring they decided on was the Paradiso 3064P, but it didn’t come home with them that day. Instead, Hoffmann took his time working on a surprise proposal.

A hardcore Buckeye fan and senior at Ohio State, it is tradition for Hiltner to attend the Ohio vs. Penn State game every year with Hoffmann. With nothing out of the ordinary to ruin the surprise, the two attended the game earlier on the day and went to Mitchell’s Steakhouse in downtown Columbus, a restaurant the two had been to once before on Valentine’s Day.
“Appetizer and dinner went by without incident and I wasn’t suspecting anything,” Hiltner said. “Then, our server brought out a dish covered with a cloth napkin and said ‘Chef has prepared a special dessert for you tonight, hope you enjoy.’ I wondered aloud what it was.”
It was, of course, a Verragio ring box, unopened and sitting on her plate masquerading as dessert.

“He dropped down on one knee, opened the box, to reveal my gorgeous Paradiso, and asked ‘Lauren Elizabeth Hiltner, will you marry me,’” Hiltner said. “I of course said ‘Yes.’”

The newly engaged couple sealed the deal with a kiss and celebrated over their ‘real’ dessert, a crème brulee with fresh berries.

The two will be married this coming June, just a couple of months after Hiltner graduates, with about 150 friends and family, in Mansfield, Ohio at what Hiltner hopes will be a light hearted and elegant affair. The reception will feature a family style meal with plates to share as a way to honor the importance of family, something that is near and dear to Hiltner and Hoffmann’s hearts.

“Family and eating together is important to both of us,” Hiltner said. “So we wanted to begin the tradition from the very start.”

And looking back on the meal that ended with the most important dessert of her life, Hiltner couldn’t be happier.

“It was excellent,” Hiltner said of the food. “But my ring will last much longer than that crème brulee did.”

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    Congratulations to my best friend and her furture husband. 😀 I can’t wait for the big day! <3

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