Diamonds in High Demand this Season: A Verragio Wish List

Holiday sales are up from last year, if consumer wish lists are any indication. According to a survey from the National Retail Federation, 23 percent of consumers are asking for diamonds and jewelry this year, up from last year’s 13 percent.

In the spirit of the holiday, we have put together a holiday wish list that works for all those recipients with bling in their eyes, and you don’t have to be engaged to get these gifts.

The Eterna collection from Verragio is often looked at as a series of unique wedding bands for her, however they are actually perfect for any occasion from anniversaries or just to show your appreciation to the ones you love.

For those who are looking for just a little extra sparkle this holiday season, the Eterna 0350W is the perfect band to catch the light in a subtle way. Decorated with small Round cut diamonds in a joint prong setting that decorate the entire span of the ring, the total diamond weight in just under one carat, which makes it perfect to complete a smart, sophisticated look without stealing the show.

For a slightly more geometrical style, the Eternal 4009W a middle row of Round cut diamonds set into the band, with a row of smaller Round diamonds on each side that almost appears to sit on top of the center row. Slightly thicker in width than the 0350W, this ring is obviously a bit more visible, but offers an interesting design created from the alternating diamonds and contrasting textures.

However, since this is a ‘wish list’ and should you wish to shoot for the stars, the Eterna 0005 is one of the most stunning designs in any of the Verragio collections. Featuring a total diamond weight of 5 carats, this ring alternates a Round cut diamond interrupted by two smaller Round cut diamonds side by side. The difference in diamond size and placement creates a pattern that from far away looks like a beautiful chaos that up close is really an intricate design that catches the eye.

The National Retail Federation’s survey, which shows appliances were the big ticket items last year, indicates that a rise in diamond purchases is a sign that the economy is bouncing back, according spokesperson for the Federation, Ellen Davis.

“A bump in jewelry sales is a positive sign for retailers that consumer confidence is rising,” Davis told CNN. “And that the tide could be changing.”

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