What Exactly is a Tracer Band?

That is question I asked myself when an associate at Verragio mentioned them to me.  Often referred to as ‘Shadow band’ or ‘Contoured band,’ a tracer is a type of wedding band that is made especially to fit flush against your engagement ring.

Couture-0390 diamond engagement ring from Verragio

There are many women who like the look of two separate rings on their finger, and there are even some women who opt to only wear their wedding band  on a day to day basis after a few years from the altar, although we can’t imagine forsaking a diamond engagement ring.  But the idea of a tracer band is to create two pieces that fit together as one.

If there is a better symbol of the concept on marriage, I have yet to find it, but regardless, tracer bands are custom made to seamlessly fit to the side of your engagement ring, with no gaps, so as to look like they were made for one another.  Often times, due to a curve in the design or pave’ set diamonds on the shank, a traditional engagement ring leaves too much empty negative space in between the two pieces for a person’s taste.

Although when worn alone, even a tracer with just a small curve can seem out of place, but it is that curve that allows the ring to follow around the center diamond of an engagement ring while conforming to sit flush together.
The Insignia 7010W is a tracer wedding ring from Verragio that is popular with many of our consumers.  Featuring pave’ set, Round cut diamonds halfway around the band, the top of the 7010W is slightly curved and pairs perfectly with designs like the Couture 0390, which features a detailed halo surrounding the Round cut center.  But its popularity is also due to its flexibility, for example the Insignia 7010W can also work perfectly with the Classico 0288 which features wider prongs around the center diamond and creates the possibility of more space next to a traditional wedding band.

Whatever the reason, a tracer, shadow, or contoured wedding band, on its most basic level creates a functional and practical complete ring set, but at its most fantastical can transform your rings into a work of art.

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