Playing Dress-up with Engagement Rings: The Celebrity Edition

Like clockwork, wedding rumors pop up regarding certain celebrity couples, regardless of age, longevity, or depth of their relationships, ranging from the most reliable to ridiculous.  However, no matter how implausible the rumors, they circulate for the simple fact that they are fun to speculate upon.  So in the same fashion that top fashion designers envisioned wedding dresses for Kate Middleton recently, we have done the same for three of these fashionable would-be-brides. 

Elisabetta Canalis (George Clooney)
This Italian model and actress has tenaciously hung on to George Clooney for over a year, appearing all over the world on red carpets and vacations together, a feat previously unmatched when it comes to this notorious bachelor.  Rumors of an impending or existing engagement have floated around repeatedly since this couple seems to have gotten serious; however it has been to no end.  If in the new year Clooney pops the question though, we can see this stunning no-nonsense lady sporting a large solitaire emerald cut, the Couture 0385S to be exact. 

From one of Verragio’s most popular collections, the 0385S features shared prong set Round cut diamonds on the band that lead up to a solitaire center diamond, and while it can be made to accommodate a Round, Princess, or Radiant center, we see Canalis more of the trendier Emerald cut mind set.  With a little detail flirting out from under the band, this ring would definitely be enough of a show-stopping ring to be paired with a show stopping beauty.

Kristen Stewart (Robert Pattinson)
Since the moment this young, edgy starlet hit the scene, thanks to her role in the widely popular Twilight movie series, Kristen Stewart has been linked to her on-screen love interest Robert Pattinson.  However, since it has been looking less like a rumor and more like a relationship in real life lately, fans everywhere have had their fingers crossed for a happy ending to this romance in reality.

The sometimes moody looking Stewart is a casual, T-Shirt and jeans type of girl that can look glamorous at the drop of a hat when the red carpet calls, so it is easy to see her with something a little unique and perhaps a tad darker than the average ring, maybe a custom made Insignia 7045 from Verragio.

Featuring a three stone design, this ring has two smaller Round cut diamonds flanking a larger Round cut diamond center, all set using the exclusive Lumino setting, and complete with the scrolling detail under the band seen throughout the Insignia collection.  However for Stewart, who recently played rocker Joan Jett in the movie The Runaways, the pave’ set diamonds on the slightly split shank should be substituted for black diamonds for a darker sparkle, much like Stewart herself.

Taylor Swift (Jake Gyllenhaal)
Although a fairly new couple, Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal have generated plenty of public interest since they first appeared in public together.  Swift, America’s latest sweetheart, just turn 21, and rumor has it she already received a white diamond bracelet from the movie star worth around $100,000.  Her sweet, fun, and feminine personality makes her perfect for a simple, somewhat classic engagement ring, like the Classico 0356Featuring a Round cut diamond center set into a halo of smaller Round cut diamonds, this ring almost has a floral feel to it, and appears almost larger, due the halo design.  And like Stewart, this ring would need a little custom color, however unlike Stewart; the young Country music star tends to favor lighter colors, such as a Fancy yellow diamond center to suite Swift’s lighthearted, lovable personality.  

Classico-0356 diamond engagement ring from Verragio

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