Men’s Wedding Bands for the New Year

The focus of wedding and jewelry is undoubtedly the female side of a couple, from the engagement ring to the pave’ set diamond wedding bands.  However in this age of metrosexuality, thanks to the likes of David Beckham and Enrique Iglesias, manly men more often sport a wedding ring with a little more bling.

Russell Brand for instance has been showing off his flashy wedding band since he married singer Katy Perry this past summer.  His wedding ring, which is a wide band of darkened platinum and over 100 champagne, cognac and yellow diamonds, is so beautiful it has actually caused the actor a bit of anxiety.

“It’s weird to wear a wedding ring because when I wash my hands, I’m scared I’ll leave it by the sink,” Contactmusic quoted him as saying.  “So basically the wearing of the ring is fraught with potential pitfalls, if not the marriage it signifies.”

For something a bit more subdued, but just as noticeable as Brand flashy, there is the 7904 from the Verragio men’s collection.  With Black enamel piping around each edge of the band, small round diamonds strategically placed between open spacing, this ring offers flourished detail the still retains an aura of masculinity. 

Verragio Men's Band 7906

If color of any kind is not your thing, but you’re loathed to give up bling, there is the 5924 from the men’s collection.  Sans black enamel, this ring has small Princess cut diamonds placed around the middle of the band, which is raised.  The polished platform is placed on top of the sandblasted surface of the ring, which not only creates an interesting contrast in texture, but also creates a stacked look.

And because there is a bit of traditionalist inside so many of us, there is the 5019 from the Verragio men’s collection.  All one color, and with no diamonds, the only adornment on this men’s band is alternating textures created by polishing the inside and sandblasting the outer edges.  Offered in platinum or white gold for a modern look, or the traditional yellow gold for those who like to stick to the classics, this ring has just enough flair to please the most debonair of today’s men.

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