Get Swept Away by the Romance of Cathedral Set Engagement Rings

Cathedral settings are the aptly named, romantically designed style of engagement ring settings named for the arches seen in many Cathedral ceilings, and are known to add height and distinction without having to add accent diamonds.  They are the ideal choice for someone who wants something unique, as they are not as often seen as classic solitaire designs or traditional three stone designs. 

The Cathedral design has arches that curve upward, holding the diamond at the table and creating a suspended look, as if the diamond was being held in midair.  This design not only protects the diamond on its sides, but also allows the culet, or bottom tip of a diamond, to be left exposed which allows for as much light reflection as possible.

The distinctive style can both feature split or solid prongs, and pave’ or channel set accent stones.  The arches can also vary in size, from smaller arches to more dramatic arches, which suspends the diamond center higher up.  And while Round cut diamonds are the most popular choice for Cathedral styles, Princess diamonds are also possible as a center.

For a basic suspended look featuring a Princess cut diamond center, there is the Classico 0069 from Verragio, which display minimal adornment while maintaining elegance.  The Princess cut center, suspended above the band by arched prongs, is enhanced by a row of channel set, Princess cut diamonds running along the band beneath the center.  It is the perfect design to display how the arched prongs themselves can remain clean and still incorporate accent stones.

For a slightly more ornate style with the softer feel of Round diamonds, the Classico 0262P from Verragio offers a combination of Princess and Round cut diamonds.  While this engagement ring still features a Princess cut diamond center and smaller Channel set Princess diamonds across the band, it also features smaller pave’ set diamonds that run the entire length of the outside of the arches.  

Classico-0262P diamond engagement ring from Verragio

But the Classico 0249R from Verragio, on the other hand, is all Round.  The Round cut diamond center is suspended by pave’ set, split arches, and in between is a row of Round cut diamonds that increase in size as it ascends to the center. 

While it is always nice to know the latest trends and derive inspiration from your favorite celebrity, there is something to be said about standing out in a crowd.  So for those lucky ladies who like to keep things fashionable but still keep their creative edge, consider the look of a Cathedral setting in order to make sure your ring is a one of a kind style.

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