Wedding Tips: A Do-It-Yourself Valentine’s Day Wedding

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, there may not be time left to plan a holiday wedding, (unless you like a challenge) but for those lucky ladies that may receive an engagement ring on this romantic holiday, perhaps you want to keep the tradition alive with a 2012 Valentine’s Day ceremony.

So in honor of a romantic future, this edition of Wedding Tips is dedicated to a D.I.Y Valentine’s Day wedding with a modern twist.


Most venues are chosen for the local, the view, or the ambiance.  But for a more personalized romantic touch, try choosing a location that means something special to you and your fiancé.  Whether it is the place you two first met, where you had your first date, or even where you received your engagement ring, exchanging wedding bands at a sentimental venue instead of a beautiful one is likely to foster lovely memories.


The most obvious choice for colors is obviously red and pink.  Obviously, and over-used.  Try working under the same guidelines, but change the hues: instead of pink, try fuchsia or magenta.  Instead of red, try burgundy.  Black accents, traditionally a no-no for anything but funerals, have become more wedding appropriate in recent years, and will make the deep reds and pinks pop against it.


One of the most important ingredients for any wedding reception is drinks.  While it is common for there to be an open bar at most receptions, it has also become trendy to have a signature cocktail for the event, something mixed up just for you.  Following along the lines of childhood Valentine’s Day treats, anything chocolate seems appropriate.  So whether it is a chocolate martini, a cosmopolitan for color, or a simple glass of champagne mixed with a dash of crème de cacao, the combo of alcohol and chocolate will satisfy the child inside of the adult. 


The number one choice for wedding flowers on any given day of the year is roses, and that number only goes up when it comes to a Valentine’s Day wedding.  However, due to the demand for red roses on February 14 it could make it more difficult to supply them, not to mention the cost.  So choosing another flower for your big day could not only make things easy on your budget, but it can help to modernize your look.  Tulips are another popular choice for wedding bouquets, and also come in both pink and red, however try looking at something a little less common and a little more exotic.  Amaryllis is a tall flower that has both a deep red hue or a white and pink variation, plus the tall sturdy stalk-like stem is perfect to hold up a bouquet.                       

Wedding Favors

Easy.  Chocolates.

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