Solomon’s Fine Jewelry: A Verragio Premier Boutique and Valued Partner

Solomon’s Fine Jewelry in Plainview New York is not just a Verragio Premier Boutique, but with the family’s combined 64 years of experience, they are experts in the bridal business.

“We like to help to such an extent that we can accommodate everyone, even after they walk out of the door,” said Marc Solomon, current owner of the over 60 year old family business.  “Girls live in their rings, so we suggest professional cleanings every few months and inspections.  It’s also about ‘after-bridal care,’ and we do all that in our store.”

Solomon would know too, being a second generation expert in fine jewelry who followed in his father, Albert’s, footsteps in more ways than one.  Both men are the Jewelers Association of New York’s only double term elected presidents of the Board in its 100 year history.  And the younger Solomon, Marc, was even given the honor recently of sitting on the Board of Directors for the Natural Colored Diamond Association, which boasts only 19 members worldwide.

It is credentials and assistance like that which has Verragio fans continually flocking to Solomon’s.

“Verragio is our premier bridal brand,” Solomon said.  “It is very popular, with sales every week and major inquiries daily.  That’s why we carry a very big selection, because it gets shopped from all over.” 

And Solomon’s, who also specialize in other bridal areas as well, is more than happy to help.

“There are a lot of good things being done to help out brides and grooms.  We work with pearls, different colors, it doesn’t matter what they ask.  We do it all, and we do it all here.” Solomon said.  “It’s a great thing to watch the transformation of two people in love.”     

A transformation, which often times at Solomon’s, begins with a Verragio engagement ring.

“The Venetian collection has been doing amazing.  So has the Insignia, and the Paradiso is still strong,” Solomon shared. “But the Venetian is a favorite.”

And after 34 years in the store, Solomon is able to keep up with the latest trends and spot the latest styles, like demands for diamond halos around the center and more heavily designed work, which according to Solomon have become popular lately.

“It’s all about detail, and Verragio has the best product when it comes to detail and quality.  Because they are a leader, not a follower,” Solomon said.  “And that’s a quote I can give over and over again.  They really are the leader in designing different engagement rings.”

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