Part of a Set: Matching Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

Women like to match their purse to their shoes, or their scarf to their gloves, and much in the same vein they want to match their engagement ring to their wedding band, exactly.  

One of the increasingly popular trends in bridal hardware lately has been the idea of custom made bands, created to fit perfectly with a treasured engagement ring.  The idea being that either the two bands will sit flush against each other, or that the diamonds on each band are not only perfectly in proportion, but they line up together as well.

At Verragio, not only are all of our rings always custom made, there is often already a matching wedding band designed specifically for an engagement ring style.  For example, the Insignia 7034 engagement ring features a Round cut diamond center enhanced by smaller Brilliant cut Round diamonds on either side, and completed with the Insignia scroll under the band.  The wedding band, the Insignia 7034W has diamonds of the same shape set all around the length of the band in eternity style, matching the engagement ring perfectly.

Another similar but more elaborate design is the Paradiso 3060R, which features another Round cut diamond center, set into slightly thicker prongs and is enhanced with smaller Round cut diamonds set into the band set halfway around the band.  The matching band, the 3060W has the same diamonds inset on the band, halfway around the band as well, so that when worn together where they start and stop, line up.  What makes this set more unique is the signature Paradiso scroll that appears inside both the engagement and wedding ring.

Venetian-5005R diamond engagement ring from Verragio

Engagement Rings by Verragio: Venetian-5005R

The perfect example of a set that is so unique it looks custom designed, is the Venetian 5005R and matching band, the Venetian 5005W. The engagement ring features a Round cut diamond center, surrounded by a halo of smaller Round diamonds, and set onto a twisted shank adorned with pave’ set diamonds.  However, it is not just the intricately twisted shank that is echoed on the matching band, but the delicate vintage inspired lace detail inside of the band, much like the Paradiso set, echoed as well.  The detailing is not only what the entire Venetian collection is known for, but also fits into the rapidly increasing antique inspired fad. 

So mix and match it that is your style, but if you’re looking for something a little more symbiotic, don’t be afraid to be too matchy matchy.

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