An Engagement Ring Guide: A 2011 Trend Compilation

With the rush of the winter holidays over with, and the pressure of Valentine’s day behind us, matrimonial minded folks have the time to carefully plan and ease their way into a spring, or probably  summer proposal, since Memorial day isn’t exactly the most romantic of holidays.  

So if you dream of proposing while the fireworks of Independence Day explode above you, or perhaps on a Labor Day getaway at the beach as the summer leaves you, but don’t know how to go about it, here is a quick guide to engagement ring basics for 2011.

Solitaires, like the Classico 0372 from Verragio, are the ultimate example of a classic that doesn’t ever go out of style.  Traditionally consisting of a single center diamond set onto an unadorned shank, it is a clean look that emphasizes the brilliance of the center diamond alone.

Another option for settings is a three diamond design, popular for its representation of the past, the present, and the future, consists of a larger center diamond and two flanking smaller side diamonds, most likely of the same cut as the center.  The Classico 0245 from Verragio is a perfect example of a modern three diamond design, featuring three Round cut central diamonds, set into the exclusive Lumino setting, which allows more of the diamond to show. 

Venetian-5005R diamond engagement ring from Verragio

Engagement Rings by Verragio: Venetian-5005R

However halo styles are the designs that are making the biggest splash in 2011, having been influenced by celebrities like Katherine Heigl and Mariah Carey.  The design features a larger center diamond surrounded by smaller Round cut diamonds that form a halo around it, and can be set onto any number of shanks like a twisted shank of the Venetian 5005R from Verragio, a split shank style like the Insignia 7010P which also features a Princess cut halo, or alone on a clean shank like the Classico 0356.

Color has been making a splash as well in the run up to 2010, as well as the in the beginning of 2011.  Whether it is the look of sapphire that was influenced by Kate Middleton’s famous sapphire and diamond ring, or the look of Jessica Simpson’s Ruby red, three stone design; colored stones are hot so far this year.  Natural colored diamonds, like Carrie Underwood’s yellow diamond ring, or even Carmen Electra’s black diamond custom ring are also becoming more popular, and even thought it was way back in 2006 that Jennifer Lopez made news with her pink diamond engagement ring, that look will never die. 

Some elements, like color, cut, and metal are always at the top of the list when it comes to engagement ring shopping, but it looks like the playing field is set to be a little more colorful and a lot more intricate this year.  What style are you noticing a lot more?  Share it with us at our Verragio page on Facebook page and tell us what you would choose if you could create your own custom engagement ring.

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