Which Engagement Ring Category Do You Fall Into?

Engagement ring styles, like all other areas in fashion, can exhibit a something new and fresh, or a resurgence of a once popular look.  And the added beauty of the bridal jewelry world is that more than one look can be in style at once, with celebrities as our fashion plates letting us know what is in now.  But the idea of fashion is nebulous and subjective, bringing to mind the phrase “to each his own,” and leads us to wonder, what are the popular categories that one can fall into this year?

Color Me Mine

Colored diamonds have increasingly been mentioned over the past couple of years, and have slowly been trickling down from the elite to the street, meaning this isn’t 2006 and it isn’t just JLo’s pink diamond we are talking about anymore.  Celebrities like Carrie Underwood, Kristen Bell, and Carmen Electra have been seen sporting more colorful diamonds over the past couple years, inspiring looks like the Couture 0378  from Verragio, which features a Princess cut diamond center set onto a delicate pave set split shank, with a perhaps a small blue diamond bezel set into the trademark Verragio Crest under the band, just to give it a little pop.  Or perhaps the slightly bolder look of a Venetian 5007R, which features a Round cut center diamond, surrounded by a halo of Fancy Canary Yellow pave’ set diamonds to add a little style to the shine. 

Couture-0378 diamond engagement ring from Verragio

Engagement Rings by Verragio: Couture-0378

When a Diamond isn’t the center of Attention

Surprisingly, the gift of a diamond engagement ring is a relatively new invention, as well as most popular in the US, as if evidence by the bold look of Kate Middleton’s Sapphire engagement ring.  Although an American born pop star, Jessica Simpson followed suit by showing off her engagement ring at the end of 2010, which did feature a diamond center, but was outshone by the two equally sized, flanking Rubies.  Even in just the first couple months of 2011, Verragio has produced custom colored rings such as an Insignia 7047, which featured a Round cut green Emerald set into a cushion halo of pave’ set Round diamonds.  Or a Couture 0381 that swapped the Round cut diamond for a Round cut Ruby set on a slightly split shank ad adorned with pave set shoulders. 

Put a Little Extra Thought Into it

Speaking of custom orders, that is one of the biggest trends to hit the red carpet this year, although Brad Pitt did try his hand at it in 2000 when he custom designed Jennifer Aniston’s architecturally influenced engagement ring.  Today celebrities like LeAnn Rimes fiancé Eddie Cibrian, and Natalie Portman’s new man Benjamin Millepied were busy working alongside designers to ensure that their leading lady got a custom fit when it came to their diamond rings.  And like Brad Pitt, Verragio was ahead of the curve, offering custom-made engagement rings able to accommodate even the most discerning lady’s dream engagement ring.      

It’s Called a Classic For a Reason

Finally we come down to the basic, “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” idea, or more specifically, the classic solitaire engagement ring.  Regardless of the cut of diamond, the clean look of a single diamond engagement ring has maintained its popularity over the years.  Today’s modern look has heavily featured the emerald cut diamond, and has been favored by celebrities like Beyoncé, and Khloe Kardashian, but Round cuts have still been seen on Scarlett Johansson and Fergie as well.  So whether it is the look of an Insignia 7022 with a Radiant cut center you prefer, or the classic six prong design of the Classico 0372, either way the look is flawless and timeless.

So which category do you fall into, or was there one I forgot to mention?  Visit our Verragio page on Facebook and share what kind of engagement ring suits you best.

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