Colored Gemstones Get Their Own Day

The world jewelry confederation, CIBJO, is organizing “Emerald Day,” for March 13th, in which the whole day will be dedicated to the green gemstones and their new-found popularity. 

The day, according to Dr. Margherita Superchi, gemologist and president of the CIBJO Gemological Commission, will be held one day prior to their annual congress, in which jewelry representatives from around the world meet to discuss developments in the industry.

“With increasing consumer demands for gem-quality emeralds in traditional and emerging markets in Asia and Russia, the timing of the Emerald Day mini conference is perfect,” Superchi said.

This year may be dedicated to the rise of the Emerald gemstones, but last year’s focus had people seeing red; in other words “Ruby Day.”

The confederation decided to dedicate the day to the green gems after the success of last year’s Ruby Day, which was held on February 19, so in honor of the two colored stone’s popularity, here a couple ways to add a bit of red and green to your engagement rings, even after the holiday.

The Classico 0352 features a Round cut center diamond, set using the Lumino setting, which holds the diamond suspended above a band adorned with smaller Round cut diamonds.  The diamonds on the band continue, uninterrupted, under the center diamond and can easily be swapped for emeralds instead to add a different hue without dominating the center or the diamond.

However if you are still stuck on Rubies, the Paradiso 3064R features a three stone design of a Round cut center diamond, flanked by two smaller diamonds, but can easily be made with side Rubies instead.  The look produced would be similar to that of Jessica Simpson’s latest engagement ring, who told reporters she was thrilled to receive Rubies because they were her birthstone.  This version however, also features smaller Round cut diamonds set into the shank, as well as into the scrolling design inside of the band.

Classico-0355 diamond engagement ring from Verragio
Engagement Rings by Verragio: Classico-0355

Now sapphires are also having their moment in the sun, thanks to Kate Middleton’s engagement ring, and although these blue gemstones are not getting an entire day to themselves, we still thought we would recognize their incredible popularity.  The sapphire engagement ring that started the craze is an 18 carat, Oval shaped sapphire surrounded by a halo of white diamonds.  But for those who draw inspiration from the look, but don’t wish to imitate it, we suggest talking a look at a custom Classic 0355, from Verragio.  The ring is comprised of three bands that, while they form one band at the bottom, split into three parts at the top to give the illusion that they are separate from one another, with the center holding a Round Cut diamond.  All three of the bands are adorned with pave’ set diamonds, which would create an interesting look if alternated with small blue sapphires instead.    

Whatever color inspires you or interests you, whether it is green, or red, pink, or even a Royal blue the beauty of a customized engagement ring is that not only can you incorporate what you want, but you ensure that your ring is like no other out there.

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