The Classic Solitaire Engagement Ring Design…With a Twist

As hard as it is to believe, the classic idea of an engagement ring didn’t always include a diamond center, which today seems par for the course.  It actually wasn’t until 1938 that De Beers began their diamond engagement ring campaign that they are now known for, that the idea became mainstream.

With more industrial innovations taking place and move towards a more modern look, the diamond solitaire engagement ring became the most coveted of designs.  Today the style has become redesigned and reimagined so many times it is hard to define what a strict solitaire is, and even harder to think of fresh ways to present the idea.

The most basic definition is a center diamond set onto a clean shank, hardly unique but nonetheless elegant, and the original six-prong setting has endured over the years.  In fact the Classico 0372 from Verragio features a Round cut diamond set into a thin six-prong head, and sits onto of a thin band adorned with small round cut diamonds.  The design takes license with the idea of a clean shank, but offers the timeless look of the original solitaire setting.

CLASSICO-0372 diamond engagement ring from Verragio
Engagement Rings by Verragio: Classico-0372

The Insignia 7021 from Verragio, however, follows a bit stricter guidelines in offering a Round cut diamond center, set into a four prong head, and paired with a clean shank.  The style seems pretty basic until it is turned to a different angle, and the signature Insignia scroll work is visible under the band, which adds a bit more visual versatility to the classic style.

And much in the same vein as the Insignia solitaire, there is the Paradiso 3041P, which features a more angular Princess cut diamond center, set into four prongs, and features the Paradiso trademark scrolling design inside of the band.  The scrolling detail work not only offers a new dimension to the classic solitaire, but it is also functional, helping to keep the ring upright on your finger and prevents spinning. 

The classic solitaire design may inspire the old adage like, ‘don’t mess with perfection,’ but for movers, and shaker, and innovators; good ideas can always be made better.

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