Verragio’s Raised Engagement Rings: Just a Bit Above the Rest

The evolution of the engagement ring has gone from family heirlooms, to standard solitaires, and has now become works of art and unique expressions of personal taste over the years.  Inventive designs have ensured that every woman can find a style sure to not be seen on someone else’s finger, because everyone likes to feel special during this time of their life.

We’ve seen trends like halo designs, and colored diamonds become increasingly popular over the last few years, and another trend to see their own bump in popularity is the raised center.  More traditionally, cathedral settings offer the swept up look of delicate cathedral inspired arches, as they are aptly named for, however there are other ways to raise the stakes, so to speak.

Couture-0397 diamond engagement ring from Verragio
Engagement Rings by Verragio: Couture-0397

The Couture 0397 from Verragio, for example, offers a different take on the more traditional three diamond setting with a unique, almost suspended look created by the exclusive Lumino setting.  The outside of the band is then adorned with smaller Round cut diamonds, however it is the delicate curved design which sits under the band and on either side of the Verragio crest that transforms this engagement ring into something different.  The elevation created by the added design element ensures that the center diamonds sit high off the finger, almost floating above when seen from the side.

For something a little less elaborate and a little more on the classic style, there is the Classico 0363 which features a Round cut diamond center surrounded by a slightly geometric cushion halo of diamonds set onto a slightly split shank.  However, rather than sit directly in the finger, there is a straight band, in which the Verragio crest sits, that runs along the finger, and the center setting is then raised above onto four prongs. 

A slightly raised, slightly edgy design can be found in the Insignia 7040, which like all of Verragio’s engagement rings in the this collection, are slightly raised by incorporating the Insignia scroll directly under the center.  The outside, which is prominently display thanks to the scroll work, features a pave’ set, twisted shank that parts and flows around the Round cut center, to continue uninterrupted on the other side.

However, as they say, ‘if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it, and in no way is the traditional cathedral setting out of style.  The simplicity of the Classico 0069P showcases a cathedral design at its best, with a Princess cut diamond suspended above a row of smaller, channel set Princess diamonds, by four delicately arched prongs, made to look as if it were floating above the ring.  The security of the setting however, allows for the almost optical illusion-like effect as well as ensures that the beauty and sparkle of the center diamond are not to be missed.

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