Jennifer Lopez to Model Diamonds; Officially

Jennifer Lopez has been making a bit of a comeback lately, despite die-hard fans claiming she had not hit a career slump, with her role on the kinder, gentler American Idol.  And now it has been announced that she will be the new face of a Barcelona based jeweler, for whom she will be promoting, fittingly, diamonds.

Lover her or not, career bump or not, Jennifer Lopez is absolutely the right face to represent diamonds, the only surprise being that it has not been done before.  Over the years, the actress-singer-dancer has made a career out of walking a red carpet, making headline for her style choices and glamour as much, if not more, than her movies and music. 

Hers is still the first name you think of when you hear the term, pink diamond, perhaps even before Argyle.  In 2002, Lopez accepted a marriage proposal from Actor Ben Affleck and wore what is arguably one of the most famous engagement rings in history; a six-carat pink diamond ring worth a reported $1.2 million.  The memory of the pink diamond ring lasted far longer than the engagement, which they officially called off in 2004, but it did help to propel the popularity of the Argyle pink which is still the most sought after shade of colored diamond.

But that’s not the only colored diamond Lopez is known for, in a recent interview when asked what her most treasured possession was, she told reporters it was a diamond ring given to her to celebrate her one-year wedding anniversary.

In June of 2004 Lopez and singer Marc Anthony were quietly married at her home, and one year later Anthony gifted Lopez with a massive blue diamond to mark the occasion.

“My favorite piece of jewelry that I own is a ring my husband gave me for our first anniversary,” She said in an interview.  “It’s a solitaire, a 14 carat blue diamond ring, a very rare diamond. It was a big deal, I’d been married a year.”

It has been said that it is her genuine nature and charisma that landed Lopez her latest gig, and while that may be true and at the risk of sounding cynical, it is hard to believe the innate glamour that Lopez has learned to cloak herself in over the years didn’t play a part.

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