The Royal Wedding Rolls Along

The Royal wedding is chugging along towards it April 29th deadline, and so far we have learned a lot, some we wanted to know, and some we are still left to wonder about.  The when, the where, and the what-for have all been answered, while things like the dress and the honeymoon have only been eluded to.

Yes the honeymoon, for those of you who have been so fixated on the ceremony details that the idea of a honeymoon has slipped your mind, there is always a happily ever after to fairytales.  Although many have guessed that the honeymoon will take place in the same location William proposed, the secluded house in Kenya that the Prince has favored for years due to its insurance of privacy, but it seems that groom himself might be thinking of something a little different.

Last weekend, while visiting the areas of Australia affected by the last month’s Cyclone Yasi in an effort to boost morale, William shared his fondness for the country. 

“I love scuba diving. I have always wanted to dive the [Great] Barrier Reef,” William, 28, told reporters Saturday.  “I will have to come back; maybe we’ll have a honeymoon in Cairns.”

One this that has been recently confirmed however, is the choice of the royal horse drawn carriage that will take the newly wedded couple on the wedding route through London shortly after the wedding bands are exchanged.

Reports show that not only will there be a royal carriage, but there was more than one to choose from.  Perhaps that is why so many of us have become enthralled by the upcoming ceremony; it takes place in a world where horse drawn carriages still exist. 

The choses carriage will be a 109 year old State Landau that is traditionally used by William’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, when she visits head of state.  Despite the landau being open, the ride will take place, rain or shine, and in case of inclement weather a glass enclosed carriage has also been set aside for the big day. 

Coincidentally it is the same carriage that was used to transport William’s mother Diana to the ceremony when she married Prince Charles in 1981.

And finally it seems that not all perks are reserved for the royal Will and Kate, as The London Eye will be offering free rides to all couples named Will and Kate following the April 29th wedding. 

The London Eye is a larger, Ferris wheel type tourist attraction in London where visitors can view the city from above.

“Will and Kates who arrive at the London Eye during the week following Friday, April 29, with their wedding certificate in hand will receive two complimentary London Eye tickets, to enjoy spring time views of the capital,” the Eye’s management is advertising on its website.

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