A Verragio Engagement Story: When Happily Ever After is just a Facebook Click Away

When Jamie Dey Wolf clicked ‘Like” on Verragio’s Facebook page, she wasn’t exactly dropping a hint, but her boyfriend, Bryan McCurley, was definitely taking it as one. 

Verragio Engagement Stories

Verragio Engagement Stories

“I had seen a FB post by Verragio with the Venetian collection and ‘liked’ the page,” Wolf said.  “My boyfriend saw this and a few days later, without my knowing, went to a Robbins Brothers here in San Diego and bought my dream ring with a princess cut, my favorite.” 

The Venetian 5002P that Wolf had ‘liked’ appealed to her right away.  

“I love the detail all the way down to the band,” Wolf said.  “Very unique and exquisite presentation.” 

Verragio Engagement Stories: Venetian-5002P

Verragio Engagement Stories: Venetian-5002P

Before their romance had begun, Wolf and McCurley spent the last three years as best friends, supporting each other through hard times, but as friendship turned into something more, the couple didn’t hesitate.  After all, when it is right, you just know it, as the saying goes. 

 “After only being an official couple for two months, he proposed,” Wolf said.  

The couple, who reside in San Diego, rented a small cabin up in the mountains of Big Bear, California to spend a relaxing Easter weekend away.  Wolf had planned a horseback ride, but McCurley had planned much more. 

On that Saturday evening, the two headed out on a trail ride through the snowy mountains. 

Verragio Engagement Stories: Jamie & Bryan

Verragio Engagement Stories: Jamie & Bryan

“It just so happened we were the only two booked for that particular trail ride which made it that much more romantic,” Wolf shared.  “And on our way back down the mountain our horses, who hated each other, were actually walking side by side.” 

Perhaps taking it as a sign, McCurley decided it was the perfect moment.  

“My boyfriend looks at me, smiles and pulls out this little red box while saying “Will you marry me,” Wolf shared.  “I was totally thrown off guard and being the furthest things from my mind I held back all my happy tears and said ‘yes.’” 

The couple is currently planning their wedding for September 2012 in Wolf’s hometown of Sarasota Florida, and she couldn’t be happier with the way things have turned out.  In Fact, she is already looking toward the future. 

“I can’t wait to buy a matching Verragio wedding band,” Wolf Said.

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