a diamond studded gold ring set with a circle cut center diamond

How to Wear a Wedding Ring Set

Once you have the perfect diamond engagement ring and complementing band from Verragio’s wedding band sets, how will you wear them? While tradition often dictates societal rules, it’s important also to do what feels right to you. There is more than one way to arrange your wedding rings set across your fingers and even hands. 

Here is how to wear a wedding ring set, whether you prefer a traditional or more modern variation. Try on and feel out these five options to see what works for you.

Option One: On the Ring Finger with Wedding Band on Top

Many newlyweds choose to wear wedding ring sets on their ring finger, located on the left hand. With the diamond engagement ring located on the bottom and the wedding band positioned above or on top, this is the most traditional method of wearing a wedding ring set. However, as we explore further below, you can try several other fingers and ring positions. 

Option Two: On Ring Finger with Engagement Ring on Top

While wearing the wedding band on top of the engagement ring is the most time-honored tradition and placement, there are other options. One such option is to wear them in reverse, slipping the wedding band on the left ring finger first, followed by the diamond engagement ring. Some newlyweds and spouses prefer this arrangement to those above, purely for sentimental reasons. By wearing the wedding band closer on the bottom, it is that much closer to the heart, symbolizing your love for your partner. 

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Option Three: Engagement on Left Ring Finger, Band on Right

a diamond studded gold wedding ring set

While a little less traditional, there is the option of wearing your engagement ring on the left finger, where it was initially slipped on when you first got engaged. While you would also typically wear the band on this same finger, the wedding ring set side by side, some choose to wear the band on the right hand’s ring finger instead.

In fact, there is a practical reason for this positioning. For those with shorter fingers who prefer not to carry so many rings on one finger, this is an optimal choice, allowing each finger to feel a bit less weighed down. Another reason for this option is that some women don’t have matching wedding ring sets, whether intentional or not. While Verragio offers matching wedding ring sets for women, some fiancés propose with an heirloom diamond ring passed down from their mother or grandmother. Last, but not least, sometimes the engagement ring is so spectacular that it deserves to stand alone, plain and simple. 

Option Four: Alternate Between Rings

a diamond studded silver ring set

When you consider how to wear a wedding ring set, it might be that you choose not to wear both rings at once. Some women often prefer to only wear their engagement ring during special occasions and moments, keeping it secure and tucked away until then. In addition, since a diamond engagement ring is more expensive than the band itself, it makes sense to only wear it when dressing up, not necessarily for everyday activities. Another reason one might choose to alternate between rings and wear one at a time is that they simply prefer a more minimal style.    

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Option Five: Engagement on Traditional Ring Finger, Wedding Band Finger-of-Choice

As you can see, for the sake of tradition, engagement rings are mostly slipped onto the left hand’s ring finger. Still, some women and partners prefer to wear them in other ways, whether alongside the band or to showcase it all on its own, switching the wedding band to the right hand. However, last, but not least, you can choose to wear the wedding band on any finger you choose. 

While it’s not conventional, there are reasons why someone might choose this option. For example, if someone chooses to only bring out the diamond engagement ring on those special occasions because they perform very hands-on tasks in their work or hobby, they might also wear the band where it doesn’t get in the way. Depending on the occupation, some partners even find it safe to wear a wedding band on a chain around their neck instead. 

The point is that how you wear your wedding band set is ultimately entirely up to you. What you choose might not be traditional. In fact, you might even be asked if it has any significance. But what’s important to remember is that there’s no wrong or right way to proclaim your love for your partner. Love is love.