Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Rings: Still Regal

The Royal Asscher Diamond Company has had their royal title extended by Her Majesty the Queen of Netherlands, for a second time last month.  The historic jewelry house is most well-known for creating their signature, patented Royal Asscher cut in 1902; a cut that been used for celebrity’s engagement rings like Kate Hudson and Ashley Simpson.

The cut skyrocketed to popularity after being featured in an episode of Sex and the City, because no matter how many years go by, so many women still want to be Carrie Bradshaw.

The Asscher company, which has also with the world’s royalty, including Queen Juliana of the Netherlands, Queen Elizabeth II, and the late Princess Diana, also is credited with cutting the Cullinan Diamond; a 3,105 carat diamond featured in the British crown’s jewels collection. 

In honor of this famed family jeweler’s title renewal, here are a few Verragio design’s practically perfect to house an Asscher cut diamond.

Couture-0378 diamond engagement ring Verragio
Engagement Rings by Verragio: Couture-0378

The Couture collection from Verragio features a range of designs that personify high fashion, such as the Couture 0378 which features a pave’ set, thin split shank and unique prongs that fold over the corners of the Asscher cut diamond center, giving just glimpses of the smaller round cut diamonds set under the center.

However for something a little flashier, there is the Paradiso 3002R, which normally features a Round cut center, with smaller Round cut side stones and Round cut diamonds set into the band.  However, since all of Verragio’s rings are custom made, this engagement ring can easily feature three Asscher cut diamonds, or an Asscher cut center diamond with Round sides for a completely unique look.  The signature Paradiso scrolling design inside the band is icing on the cake too.

And finally, the Insignia 7001, a personal favorite, features an Asscher cut diamond center set into four prongs with flattened tips, and Round cut diamonds that adorn the band halfway around.  The unique scroll under the band, which the Insignia collection is known for, adds a little extra detail, as well as allowing the ring to sit high on the finger so that no one will miss that Asscher center.

The royal title bestowed upon the historic jeweler will last for the next 25 years, and while there is no predicting the future, a third renewal doesn’t seem too off the mark.