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We have found stores near you to experience Verragio in person.

Ackerman Jewelers

Verragio Boutique

Ackerman Jewelers
5335 Ehrlich Rd.
Tampa, FL 33625
(813) 961-7321

Founded in 1984 by Ron and Tina Ackerman, Ackerman Jewelers has grown into one of Tampa, Florida?s premiere locations for bridal jewelry. Always keeping the focus on the customer?s complete satisfaction, Ron and Tina and their staff, including master jewelers and experienced diamond consultants have spent their 30+ years building the trust of the community around them.

Many couples visiting the store each week find plenty to choose from, according to diamond consultant Linda Braun. ?About 10 percent of our customers inquire about Verragio,? Braun said. ?They are very innovative designs with lots of fashion-forward styles. Clients like that the rings are different, and can be customized. It means they can showcase their own individuality.?

Ackerman?s commitment to customer service and superior quality has made them an ideal partner for Verragio, in addition to their desire to offer something a little more unique than you might see if you visit a larger chain store.

?The Insignia Collection is very popular,? Braun said when asked what sets Verragio apart. ?The gallery work, the intimate details on the rings, and the brilliance of the rings overall is what draws people to them.?

Ackerman Jewelers is happy to have diversified their selection by offering Verragio, a decision they made more than a decade ago.

?Because we are a destination store I think it is great that we have such a wide selection of bridal choices,? Braun said, ?including one of the largest Verragio collections in Florida.?

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