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We have found stores near you to experience Verragio in person.

Hannoush Jewelers

Verragio Boutique

Hannoush Jewelers
1502 New Britain Avenue
Farmington, CT 06032
(860) 561-4651

Family owned for more than 30 years, Hannoush Jewelers has built a reputation for providing exceptional quality and value with every purchase. This legacy began when the first Hannoush store opened in Massachusetts in 1980. Today, the Hannoush Jewelers network includes more than 30 company-owned and franchised locations, each staying true to these core values:

When it comes to outside bridal designers, we are very particular about who we decide to partner with. When we saw Verragio for the first time, we knew Verragio would be the ideal partner for our store. With their focus on quality and uniqueness, Verragio offers something no other bridal designer can duplicate. We are proud to offer one of the largest selections of Verragio Jewelry in Connecticut.

We pride ourselves on integrity in business, respect for individuals, professional conduct in words and actions and a commitment to understand each customer's needs.

These values will define your customer experience with Hannoush Jewelers, both in-store and online. Your expectations met, without compromise -- that's the value of trusting in Hannoush Jewelers.

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