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We have found stores near you to experience Verragio in person.
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We have found stores near you to experience Verragio in person.

Beards Jewelry

Verragio Boutique

Beards Jewelry
4845 Town Center Pkwy
Jacksonville, FL 32246

Authentic Verragio
Beard’s is one of the few handpicked, authorized showcases for exclusive Verragio jewelry. Verragio’s craftsmanship and quality have made it popular among celebrities. Caveat emptor, there are imitators on the scene. The best way to ensure that your Verragio ring is authentic is to purchase from an authorized retailer.

1) Look for the VERRAGIO marking inscribed inside the ring’s shank.
2) Make sure to purchase this most important of rings from an authorized Verragio retail partner.

We at Beard’s are proud to partner with a brand that, in Verragio’s own words, will play “a role in one of the most momentous occasions [of a person’s life, so that we] will forever be a part of their memories.” Beard’s can also help you to authenticate existing pieces that you may have bought elsewhere: simply ask us for an appraisal.

About Beard’s Jewelry
Beard’s is the perfect fit for Verragio. Here, the exceptional meets affordable in a refined and risk-free shopping environment in Jacksonville, Florida. Our experienced sales people have been helping our customers select exactly the right pieces for their needs for the past 30 years. Like Verragio, our gemologists handpick only elite diamonds that meet our precise and exacting standards. By partnering directly with diamond sight-holders and jewelry artisans, we can also eliminate expensive middlemen from our buying-and-selling process. Our select team of experts work extremely hard each day to ensure an authentic, refined, and risk-free shopping environment with one goal in mind: your confidence in your purchase. We want you to leave our showroom with no doubt that you chose the right diamond at the right price, perfect for you.

Get Started
Take a look for yourself at our wide selection of exquisite Verragio bridal jewelry or by visiting our store at the St. John’s Town Center. If you would like to learn more about how to buy the finest jewelry at the best prices, visit the Beard’s Jewelry Education Center.

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