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We have found stores near you to experience Verragio in person.
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We have found stores near you to experience Verragio in person.

Leo Marks Jewelers

Verragio Boutique

Leo Marks Jewelers
3435 Secor Rd.
Toledo, OH 43606
(419) 531-1223

Leo Marks Jewelers is a family owned jewelry store proud to serve the Toledo community for 100 years, and we are honored to boast the only Verragio Boutique in the Toledo, Ohio area.

Leo Marks Jewelers offers an ample selection of the most sought out Verragio styles, and our GIA Certified friendly and knowledgeable Sales Associates are delighted to work with you to choose the diamond setting that will last a lifetime. Our diamond selection is second to none, with over 200 GIA Certified diamonds of all shapes and sizes housed right here in our store.

Patrons in the Toledo, Ohio area have looked to Leo Marks Jewelers for the latest in jewelry trends, and lavish jewelry pieces. Our in-house Master Jeweler allows us to stand out as a premier jeweler in the area. We have the ability to bring your jewelry ideas to life. Together we will craft your unique treasure.

At Leo Marks Jewelers, we pride ourselves on being your local Verragio Boutique. Our unmatched service and expertise showcase us as one of the elite jewelers in Toledo. We would be honored to join you in your journey of everlasting love. Leo Marks Jewelers…Where Happily Ever After Begins…

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