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We have found stores near you to experience Verragio in person.

Farah Jewelers

Verragio Boutique

Farah Jewelers
1500 Polaris Pkwy #2156
Columbus, OH 43240

Farah Jewelers has been around the Columbus area for 13 years. The owner Eli Hannoush started this small family business in 1995 at the Northland Mall. Farah Jewelers made its mark in the greater Columbus area by doing quality repair work and manufacturing custom pieces. Over the years Farah Jewelers has slowly transitioned towards selling fashion jewelry and designer engagement pieces. Farah Jewelers is very proud that almost all of our pieces are handcrafted domestically produced goods. We tend to shy away from cookie cutter catalog merchandise in order to bring the consumer one of a kind merchandise that is truly unique. One thing that sets Farah Jewelers apart is its tight knit family atmosphere. At Farah Jewelers you are more than a customer you are a guest. From the moment you walk into one of our stores you can be assured that you will receive the highest level of respect service and accommodation. There are very few stores in the market in Columbus where you can walk in most days of the week and deal directly with the owner. Farah Jewelers is one of those few.

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