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We have found stores near you to experience Verragio in person.

Preusser Jewelers

Verragio Retailer

Preusser Jewelers
125 Ottawa Avenue N.W.
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
(616) 458-1425

As the oldest Jeweler in Grand Rapids Michigan Preusser Jewelers has over 160 years of experience in the jewelry and fine watch industry starting as far back as the 1850’s. And Verragio’s partnership with Preusser is a perfect example of founder William Preusser’s ideals whose commitment to maintaining strong working relationships was one key to his success.

“We look for designers who have very fine craftsmanship ” said Debra Clegg General Manager and Head Buyer for over 10 years. “And with great service longevity and the ability to keep coming up with stunning new designs.”

And Verragio seemed to fit that bill with about 30% of customers inquiring after the brand according to Clegg.

“We decided to carry Verragio because of its uniqueness beauty and fine craftsmanship ” Clegg said. “It literally has a great look no matter how you move your hand.”

As an affiliate of the American Gem Society the Gemological Institute of America and the Better Business Bureau Preusser strives to offer excellent service as well as innovative designs.

“I would have to say the Insignia collection is our best (Verragio) seller. Probably it’s the way he combines his modern view with a vintage twist ” Clegg said about Owner and Designer Barry Verragio. “By far the comments I get the most aren’t really even words. Just a lot of ooohs and aaahs.”

Now ten years down the road Preusser and Verragio are still enjoying a mutually beneficial relationship with Preusser working hard to showcase Verragio’s designs.

“We want to help our clients make this huge decision of buying an engagement ring and wedding ring as informative relaxed and fun as it can possibly be ” Clegg said. “We are old but we are far from stuffy.”

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