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Engagement Ring Warranty

Verragio Rings

A ring that symbolizes a lifetime of commitment should last just as long. When you own a VERRAGIO ring, you have the added assurance of the high quality that the VERRAGIO name represents.

Verragio stands behind products purchased through authorized retailers. Under this warranty, Verragio guarantees that your product will be free of defects in materials and workmanship.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Verragio stands behind all product purchased through authorized retailers. Under this warranty, Verragio guarantees that your product will be free of defects in materials and workmanship. Verragio's warranty will cover any repairs necessary as a result of normal wear and tear.
Due to the handmade nature of Verragio engagement rings and wedding bands, stones may come loose over time and require tightening and metal may need to be have rhodium reapplied. These are all circumstance of normal wear and tear. You should be able to wear your rings every single day. Normal wear and tear does NOT include missing stones or repairs necessary as a result of any force put upon the ring, extreme wear, a ring being sized by someone other than Verragio, etc.
Although Verragio does not provide these services under warranty, several of our authorized retail partners may in fact offer you certain perks such as free cleanings or your first sizing complimentary.
The first step is to discuss this with the authorized Verragio retailer from where it was purchased. They will contact Verragio on your behalf to determine if the ring should be sent in to us for repair or if the stone can be replaced at the retail level. If the ring is sent to Verragio, we will provide a full quality control inspection to determine if the cause of the missing stone is a result of normal wear and tear, and if so, will be covered under warranty.
Your Verragio warranty will be VOID if you have your center stone set by a local jeweler that is NOT a Verragio authorized retailer. Verragio has a specific network of Verragio retail partners that should ALWAYS be utilized for setting your center stone in one of our styles.
NO. Your Verragio warranty will remain in tact if your center stone is set by one of Verragio's authorized retail partners, providing that the retail partner adheres to the parameters of what size stone can be set into the existing ring.
Over time, your ring may lose lustre as a result of wear. Do not fret! This is totally normal! By having your ring cleaned and/or refurbished, which may require the piece to have rhodium reapplied, your ring will look just as it did the day you put it on your finger!
In most cases yes, your ring will still be covered by Verragio's warranty. However, our retail partners are encouraged to always send any rings needing repair to us for inspection. This is the only 100% way to guarantee that all work will be covered under warranty. For example, if the store sizes your ring, and in doing so, chips a stone or damages the metal in the process, and it comes back to us for inspection after, the repairs necessary to restore it to it's original condition may NOT be covered.
Verragio is a designer and manufacturer of the actual ring. We do not provide the center stone in our rings at this time. As such, if something happens to your center stone, whether it is lost or damaged during wear, Verragio's warranty will NOT cover the replacement of it. You should always have an insurance policy in place to protect your center stone.
Verragio rings must be sent to us via an authorized retail partner. Due to insurance reasons, we will NOT accept any packages that do not come from one of our authorized stores, or do not have a Return Authorization number included.
Please contact the Verragio retail partner that you worked with to check on your repair, as all information is communicated directly with them. Please keep in mind that most Verragio repairs take approximately 2 weeks.
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