Impromptu Weddings Can Still Be Titanic

The tragic maiden and final voyage of The Titanic has fascinated people since it sank in 1912, killing 1,522 people. And once again, the famous ship, made even more famous by Director James Cameron in 1997, is making headlines. Fortunately though, this is a happy occasion.

A Massachusetts area couple, working aboard a research ship mapping the wreckage of The Titanic, was married at sea while on a detour from the ship’s wreckage site.


Jim Kovacs, the ship’s director of photography, already had an engagement ring, and had been planning on proposing to Maryann Morin, who works in film post-production, for about a year. But this past Sunday, after Hurricane Danielle forced the ship to change course, Kovacs decided it was now or never.

The two exchanged wedding rings on the deck of their ship with the captain, Jean Charcot, officiating the ceremony. According to CBC News, the crew spent the night before making paper flowers and the bride’s outfit was fashioned out of a bedsheet.

The couple plan to honeymoon in Cape Cod and continue their voyage to The Titanic as soon as the weather allows.

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