Pear Shaped Diamonds: We Choose to Love Them, Rather than Leave Them

A Pear shaped diamond is a love it or hate it kind of style, there seems to be no in between with women. Although it continues to be a notoriously popular diamond cut for engagement rings, it was uproariously mocked during an episode of the popular television series, “Sex and the City.” But despite being poked fun at, the Pear cut diamond is still a frequent choice for engagement rings.
Also called a Teardrop cut, the pear shaped diamond style is best described as a hybrid of a Round and Marquise cut, where one end is rounded and the other tapers to a point. Traditionally, a pear shaped diamond has 58 facets, so the cut displays almost as much sparkle as a Round cut.

Jessica Simpson was given a Pear shaped diamond when her then boyfriend, Nick Lachey, proposed in the early 2000’s. Now one of the most famous Pear Shaped diamond engagement rings in Hollywood, it was a 4 carat center diamond flanked by two side diamonds on a platinum band. (Coincidentally, the pop star couple, who got married in Austin Texas in 2002 in front of 350 guests, would have celebrated their 8th wedding anniversary today. Unfortunately, the duo that was once famous for being ‘newlyweds’ divorced in 2006 after just four years of marriage.)

Because of this diamond shape’s ability to create a slimming illusion, most women choose to wear a Pear shaped engagement ring with the tip pointed towards the nail, thereby enhancing the length of the finger. Verragio’s 5007CU from the Venetian collection  has been custom made to feature a pear shaped center stone before. Since all of Verragio’s engagement and wedding rings are made-to-order, this is the perfect example of how to make your engagement ring you own. The 5007CU features a split shank, lace detail inside the band, and the ever popular halo style.

But the beauty of the Pear shaped diamond is because of its unique shape, no matter which way it is set, it always looks different. For a person that has a more classic and clean, old fashioned style, Verragio’s 0409 from the Couture collection can be modified to hold a pear shaped center diamond as well, by adding a fifth prong to stabilize the tip. Although there is a little ornamentation under the band, this engagement ring is relatively unembellished, allowing the Pear shaped center diamond, if you so choose to have one, to shine on its own.

So while there are always black and white blanket statements made regarding Pear shaped diamonds, we choose to love them rather than leave them.

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